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I would like to know how could I print a graphic screen from HP48GX? The problem is that when I move to the i/o menu and choose print screen the screen changes to alpha-numeric and the printing is different. Thank you very much, Best regards, Tal. email:



The HP48's are designed to allow you to print a screen using either the infrared printer or the serial port. You must make the correct flag settings before printing:

Printer Flags

Infrared Clear Flag -34 (Printing Device)

Clear Flag -38 (Add line feeds)

Serial Clear Flag -33 (I/O Device)

Set Flag -34

Clear Flag -38

When ready to print, press and hold the ON key and then press the 1 key. Release the keys and wait for the output. This is described in Chapter 27 of the Users manual.

Note: 1) Which version of the infrared printer do you have.

2) The link kit includes software to capture the

screen to a PC.


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