HP 95LX to PC connection



I'm seeking Windows 7 compatable software to transfer files to/from a HP 95LX handheld PC.

The hardware connection works ok, using the original serial cable via a FTDI USB to a virtual COM3 port.

The Kermit 95 file transfer software I've tried so far is currently limited to command line instructions, as used by the HP 48 calculator.

I cannot get the HP 95LX's Kermit to talk to Kermit 95, should I call for Miss Piggy? :)

Thanks in anticipation,


According to this link Kermit95 should work.

I would set the baud rate on the 95LX to 9600, put it into server mode and try connecting from Windows to get a directory listing.

If that fails, please post some more details. For example, how do you know that the hardware is okay?


Hello, thank you for the reply.

Yes, according to Columbia Uni. the software has been downloaded and installed successfully many times, presumably by satisfied customers. Unfortunately, as of summer 2011, they have ceased to support Kermit 95; though they still have it available for download. I am currently in contact with a commercial mirror site at onthehub.com, trying to resolve their try-before-buy download which causes Norton 360 to warn of Trojan Horses! I've even tried re-installation in Safe Mode, but the results are very unstable.

My dilemma is even if Kermit95 works fine on Windows7, can it be made to work easily with HP 95LX Kermit?

The hardware setup was tested with 'Bray++ Terminal v1.9b' software which captures data sent to/from the HP 95LX. As you say, the connection works fine at 9600 baud and single text file transfer is possible, though fiddly.

Regarding 'server mode' and 'directory listing', I have no instructions on how to establish a software connection; and MS-DOS is a very distant memory!

Thanks again for your help.

Regards, John


Hello, just a quick status update and say thank you again.

Having tried various combinations of re-boot and disable anti-virus between running Control Panel/Programs and Features/Run programs made for previous versions of Windows, finally have a working solution.

A 20 year upgrade for the HP 95LX!


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