Clamshell Battery Contact Repair


I have worked this part out in my sheetmetal shop:

I propose making it from .024 Stainless Steel. I think I can offer it @ about $20 as this would cover the setup and hand bending costs (the radius has to be done by hand)

This cost could come down if I knew my batch would sell out or I should setup and make more. I have 3 interested folks, Kerem, Nigel and David. Are there anymore?

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I might be interested in maybe five of them. One for me and four to resell on ebay.


Picture isn't showing up for me....


Neither for me. I get an error from Google Mail when I try to open it directly.


Here is the picture I have from Adam [Link]


I'd be interested in one too I think.

I love my 28S but the battery door surround broke a very long time ago.

- Pauli


I'm interested as well, particularly if the price came down I'd be interested in 2.


I'd be interested in two.


Thanks Kerem.

Okay, I'll get these going. I'll update on the price. I hope to do for less than $20.


How does it work? Does the whole thing fit into the battery compartment or does it go around the outside of the calculator?


Thanks for the picture update. Any possibility it could have a black finish?



I'll check out with my plating guy if he can apply a black oxide finish to these. That would look pretty nice.

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