HP 50g User's Manual


Could someone direct me to a post or link explaining where I could purchase a new user's manual for my HP 50G? My current one was water damaged, and the PDF option won't work for me.

I contacted HP and was told there was nothing they could do. They also said that this was their only recommendation (the Museum).

Thank you very much,




Have you tried e-bay? Chances are you'll find a hardcopy for a fair price.


Luiz (Brazil)


I have not. I was hoping to purchase one new. I will go check it out.

***Still hoping for a new copy*** We'll see lol.

Thank you :)


User's Manual on eBay. Samson Cables carries it for $19.99 + shipping.

You can get a printed copy of the User's Guide from hpcalc.org.


Try Eric Rechlin's site hpcalc.org he has reprints of the User's Guide and the Advanced Uses Reference available. I believe the User's Guide to be a more complete manual than the one the comes with the 50G If you want to get an idea what is in them they are likely the same as the PDFs by the same name.

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Try Samson Cables.


Indeed! Getting the spiral-bound 887-page User Guide and the 691-page AUR from Eric Rechlin's site is the best possible choice. I have them both and I can't imagine how something so well made can be sold so inexpensively. Obviously the User Guide is not the skimpy useless filler that comes with the HP 50g.

Also sold there are other interesting things. The low-cost USB power adapters are wonders for saving HP 50g batteries, for example.



I've been using rechargeables in my HP50G for such a long time I can't tell. In fact, I've been using rechargeables for all calculators I have that use AAA-size batteries, and also the ones which use the N-size batteries (HP41, mostly).

Indeed, I was taken by surprise when connecting the HP50G to a computer for data transfer purposes. I only realized the calculator was without batteries when I tried to turn it on after disconnecting. Was not aware of the fact the calculator could be powered through the USB port.


Luiz (Brazil)


... a further lack of the insufficient HP 50g -Documentation ...

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