wp34s capacitors


How many people here would be interested in obtaining capacitors and crystals for their wp34s calculators? I can get 50 for $2, and 200 for $5. This works out to 5 or 8 cents for a pair. I have maybe fifteen of the sort of required crystals (through-hole) left over from the P112 project. This is cheap enough that I'll do it for free as long as the crystals last. Anyone interested?


I've got a couple of re-purposed 30b's missing this addition, so I'd probably be interested. I'm also planning on eventually getting half a dozen more to give to family and friends eventually. Only after the firmware stabilises some more though.

- Pauli


I'm interested.


Yes, I'm interested!


I'm interested too.


I'll be re-introducing my "HP 20b Hacker's Kit" very soon, which I discontinued last fall, once I make my next Mouser order (which will be soon because I will be making more HP 50g serial cables soon).

This time around I will just include the two capacitors and the clock crystal. Lower price than last time, too. I'll rename it, too.



Okay, I bought some caps off ebay. I should have them by next week.

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