HP-IL SCSI Interface


I recently came across two of these (Part number = 5061-3156) and can find no information about them.
They did not come with their 'Wall Warts" so I'm reluctant to experiment with them.

The Museum and TOS are also void of any data.

Any information pointers would be appreciated.




Are they HP-IL, or HP-HIL?



The labeling says HP-IL/SCSI Interface.

There are three connections: One for power. one set of HP-IL plugs
and one 50 pin SCSI connector.

Photos soon.



I'm wondering which kind of devices can be connected to a 71B or 41C. The SCSI devices (mass storage, scanners) need special drivers and are far from being supported by the built in software of these two calculators. Or does the interface provide the access logic to use an SCSI disk as an HP-IL mass storage device?


The latter is the only explanation that makes sense to me.

Now all you need is a SCSI-1 disk and cable :)

OK, we have TCP/IP, and now SCSI. Can an HP-IL NAS be far behind?


I'm only guessing, but I think most likely it would be for the 110, not the 41/71/75. It probably translates SS/80 commands to SCSI.

The 41/71/75 don't use the SS/80 command set, they only use the "Filbert" command set from the 82161A tape drive. (It is rumored that the 82479A Data Acquisition Pac for the 71B can talk to SS/80 disks, but probably only in a limited, application-specific manner.)

The 9114 supports both the Filbert and SS/80 command sets, so it can be used on the 41/71/75 and on the 110.


Check out the three pictures I loaded to my Picasa account.
[EDIT] try this link.


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Picasa reports "Sorry, that page was not found."


I edited the link - please try again.



Interesting they look like prototypes. The connector to the right of the HPIL connectors is likely the power connector and the type might suggest it is looking for DC voltage, but you would need to look inside to see how it is wired. You will probably find that connector goes to a 3 terminal 5 volt regulator inside.


If you can power it on, it would be interesting to know the answer to the HP-IL Identification requests (AID, ID on HP-41C; DEVAID(), DEVID$() on the HP-71B).


I'm going to pull the cover off and take more photos, but this adventure will have to wait until next week.


OK this is from a long long time ago, but I think these were field diagnostic exercisers for SCSI disks. I am not sure what HP-IL controller they were supposed to connect to, but the gist is that they were used to run diagnostics on SCSI disk drives.

I'll check my notes when I get home and see if I can dig some more info.



Didn't need to check my notes after all, Google is my friend :-)




The software described in this manual is pretty similar to software that I used for failure analysis on SCSI disks. The software I used could be used to dump internal logs from the drive, update firmware and also worked as an exerciser. It was one of my tools along with a bus analyzer for trouble shooting shooting SCSI device issues.


Well now at least I know what kind of P/S it needs!

Thanks for finding this document


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