An HP-97 sacrificed to the altar of the knowledge.


I hope this won't be a sacrilege for most of you, but it's my opinion that this could be a reliable method for bad-component finder, for HP-97 (all IC), HP-67 (ACT, some ROM and CRC controller), Woodstock component (ACT) and HP-41 (82104A Card reader).
Do you agree with me?
All the comments will be welcome.

Logic PCA (left)

Logic PCA (right)

Printer PCA

Keyboard PCA

Card reader PCA

Edited: 19 Feb 2012, 7:01 a.m.


Very nice done. Great step to understanding how to repair our loved 97.


I have done that with an HP41CV board with faulty RAM IC's. I used to test ROM, RAM chips and other components with it. I decided to keep the main IC in place, but I am willing to place a socket there, too.

Nicely done, indeed.


Luiz (Brazil)


Ignazio, that was not a sacrifice, it was an heroical "geste"!

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