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My hp 49g just puked on me. My 49g then tried recovering memory. Most of what it recovered was useless, but I did discover something interesting: when I originally tried opening a 48 grob on my 49g, it gave me an error. However, after it recovered memory, it apparently tried to take over the grob. When I tried viewing the grob after recovery, it opened. It looked weird, but it opened. I say it looked weird in that nearly every pixel on the screen was on, and the pixels making the outlines of the continents were off. I'm guessing that the grob somehow got inverted, but I might be mistaken. Anybody know anything about this? Is there an easier way to convert 48 grobs so they work right on a 49g?


Grobs from my 48 work fine on the 49G. I expect that something else else caused the problem, and perhaps changed the grob as well.


If the problem comes from the GROBs, simply transfer them to the PC in ASCII, then download them to the 49.
Maybe you have to run OBJFIX on the result, I'm not sure.
Please take a look at on this issue.
There should be tips and rules on how to transfer HP-48 software and data on the 49.

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