Was out of stock, but Michael Steimann has just released a new batch of DM-15CC for sale at - est ship date Feb 27


Mine is ordered :)

- Pauli


Placed my order too, I bet I will have the first unit in Malaysia :-)

if it's any good, will also order the 16C

hpnut in Malaysia



if it's any good, will also order the 16C

I think you might try it. The 15C can be flashed with the 16C firmware, I guess


Placed my order too. I look forward to the 16C, as I have got only my original one and I am now too afraid to use it!


Ordered one to leave the 15C LE at home :-).

Maybe the ON-key is stiff enough to even be able to carry it in my trowser (front!) pocket.


Mine has just been ordered. Thanks!


Just placed my order for one as well. PayPal really screwed me on the exchange rate from USD to CHF. Am I the first Yank to order one of these ?


I guess that I was the second "Yank" to order.

I agree that the PayPal exchange rate was on the extreme low side. The current exchange rate that I see published is 0.9163USD per CHF. PayPay charged 0.893929USD per CHF. But, in the end, its only a difference of $1.81. Thankfully the price was not in Euros.

Mark Hardman

Edited: 12 Feb 2012, 10:21 a.m.


PayPal has all kinds of sneaky ways to increase their fees on international payments. I've been charged an effective fee of a little over 3% for domestic payments, but was charged nearly 5% on payments received in USD from Germany. They won't disclose how their fees are calculated, you just have to calculate it based on the fee amount that is deducted from the invoiced amount.


I Ordered mine today. Shipping to Michigan:

From amount $74.95 USD
To amount 67.00 CHF
Exchange rate: 1 U.S. Dollar = 0.893929 Swiss Francs

I am very excited on receiving this calculator. It's a truly innovation.

How about trying an HP-32S also?


You can choose, either Paypal does the conversion between the currencies, or it doesn't and Visa does it (which is usually most favourable).

They also got me the first time, then I changed the defaults.


I've already placed an order. Hopefully, the next incarnation of DM-15CC will have 2 CR2032 batteries loaded and be on par with HP-15C LE in speed.


It looks like HP managed to get the emulation running at way faster speed, but at the cost of emulation accuracy (almost all bugs are related to handling keypresses and the display), while the DC-15CC has a slower, but more accurate emulation. Just my wild guess from seeing the results posted here though :)


Does anybody know the size of the calc? I saw the video on youtube but i cannot understand the size very well,




Supposedly it's the same as a credit card, but much thicker.


86x57x8 mm


[...] while the DC-15CC has a slower, but more accurate emulation.
If it is a true emulation, HP will likely hunt Mike down.


If it is a true emulation, HP will likely hunt Mike down.

I'm concerned about this prospect too, but hope that HP realizes that this is not going to interfere with their selling the 15C LE nor cut into sales of anything else that have currently. They should view the DM-15CC as free advertising for the real deal and make the real deal more available and bug-free. Maybe the DM-16CC will get HP to offer a 16C LE (or 16C+).


No, they can't, that's the beauty of it :)

Check this link:


And how would that stop a large corporation burying you under a mountain of lawyers if they decided they wanted you stopped?

Right has little to do with the legal system unfortunately.

- Pauli


I agree having witnessed this "lawyering" over nothing more than a trade name. The large company successfully beat the small company into submission and took the trade name. It was brutal. There was absolutely nothing right about it.


Eathan & Paul;
Agreed, so lets hope that hp doesn't want to stir mierda, or doesn't want to try to bully around the country where their numbered bank accounts are.
Eathan; There's another sad story about laiers twisting around facts and stealing a well known name. In the late '40s the Plumb company, whose only claim to fame is boy scout hatchets, legally stole the right of Plomb Tools to use the name of it's founder Alphonse Plomb, which it had used for over 30 years. Note to self: always trademark the names for any major corporations that i found.


My DM-15CC completes Katie Wasserman's Pi programme for the 15C in 5 hours 48 minutes. So that's 7½ times faster than the 43 hours she reports for the original 15C, but quite a bit slower than the 16 minutes she reports for the LE.


Just ordered mine...




My DM-15CC completes Katie Wasserman's Pi programme for the 15C in 5 hours 48 minutes. So that's 7½ times faster than the 43 hours she reports for the original 15C, but quite a bit slower than the 16 minutes she reports for the LE.

Is the above 7.5x speed increase relative to a legacy 15C
consistent for general operation? That seems disproportional
given the LPC1114 and sam7 are both 32-bit ARM cores, moreover
the LPC1114 design is capable of a 48MHz clock rate compared to
the sam7 at 36MHz. While the LPC1114 could be running at a more
conservative clock, even at 48MHz it is quite close to
parity power-budget with one CR2032 cell vs. the sam7 @ 36MHz
feeding from 2x CR2032.

As a reference point, KEMU configured for size optimization
(rather than performance) on a C runtime hostile 8-bit 8MHz
SoC yields a rough 6x performance over a legacy voyager.


just got home; he'd sent me an email and i tried ordering.
it's sold out already.


Wow ! This must be the first time ever that I've gotten in ahead of you on a non-HP RPN calc. Well, at least it looks like there will be more of them coming in late March. Or, we could trade on something....maybe a Sanyo CZ 2901 ? ;)

Edited: 12 Feb 2012, 6:44 p.m. after one or more responses were posted


I ordered mine in the first batch. Seeing that they have already arrived in the UK, hopefully I will see it this week.

I am missing that Red Dot, anyone wanna trade? ;)

keep the peace


Michael & aj;
You guys are cruel. In a week or two you'll probably be posting that the DM-15cc is so good you wouldn't trade two red dots for it.


I missed it again too. :( Maybe next batch.


Sorry, I ordered two.

About five seconds after the email arrived saying he was taking orders.



Sorry, I ordered two.

Pilots make good salaries.


Pilots make good salaries.

.....and have quick reaction times


Starting at 35,000 with ten years experience and a 4 year degree.

Only make a good salary if airline grows and you are not living under a threat of chapter 11 for 25 years! Just watch the movie "wall street" to see what 'shareholder value has done to the airline industry in Canada.

Top salary in your last 5 years as a capt on 777 or larger. 8 paycuts in 26 years (each new contract to help the airline shift money to the shareholders)
and not even cost of living in the mean time.

But it is fun!

Looking forward to stereo vision DM-15CC

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