32-bit MCODE tool chain for the HP41 incl. D41 now


This new release of the 32-bit MCODE tool chain for the HP41 now contains the disassembler.

Compared to the original version the disassembler mutated into a quite powerful tool. It is now a 2-pass disassembler that is able to create and insert symbolic labels instead of relative or absolute jump addresses.

Further you now can specify single addresses or adress ranges that the disassembler converts into constant tables instead of translating them into MCODE.

I am still investigation whether is makes sense to add 2 more options to convert the 2 message types (messl and mesa) into real message statements instead of simple constant tables. Unfortunately the A41 is lacking the MESA statement...

Pay attention new download link:




The next version of the disassembler is available now. It implements decoding of MESSL and MESA strings. For details please refer to the manual.



PS: I think I'm going to stop at that point. The 32-bit versions of the tools are running even with some more features compared to the original. If you think something should be implemented or a feature would ease your life let me know.

Edited: 12 Feb 2012, 5:31 a.m.


Next verion is online that adds the feature to specify peripherals in given address ranges.



This is a great job Michael, thanks for updating and upgrading the tools- the Coconut is still kicking sound!

Viele Gruesse,


Thank you for all these updates and keeping up with the MCODE tool chain. Some times getting distracted from enjoying my 41 but always going back. It would be very useful to have your MCODE tools update/upgrades would be published at the TOS as well.

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