Strange behaviour of my HP67


Hi guys,

I have an early 67 (SN 7611) that behaves strangely. The number of digits after the decimal point is correctly set by the DSP key, but it is changed to *zero* after the first operation, let me write an example:

11.5 DSP 4

11.5000 ENTER

11.5000 3 X

35. DSP 4


it seems that the information about the number of displayed digits is lost when an operation is performed. This is my first 67 and I may be missing something trivial.

Any idea ? Thanks a lot



Could you try the same example with 11.54321 ?


My 67 (s/n 3875) does not change the DSP length after any calculations. You appear to have either a fault with the circuitry or a different ROM to mine. My 67 has the sin-1 bug.


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