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Alright, putting in the caps and crystal to say the least was quite a job. WOW those things are tiny. 2 caps are gone somewhere in the carpet. I'm glad I bought 8 of them. Quite a job for 51 year old hands and eyes. I was going to take pictures but I wouldn't want anyone to see my GREAT solder work. The calculator still works.

Is there anyway to check the clock without the 34s firmware?

I'm guessing that calc_xtal_full.bin is the firmware that I need to be able to use the clock. That is the standard firmware with the clock function. Correct?

Now waiting on the cable and overlay.



I'm not aware of a feature in the original 30b firmware to enable the crystal so you will have to wait for the cable.

calc(_full).bin supports the crystal but you need to activate it with ON+C.

calc_xtal(_full).bin supports only modified calculators. The crystal is activated on a cold boot (you'll notice a delay when powering on the calculator the first time after a reset.) I've added the stop watch function to this release.

The images with _full in the name contain some user code library routines which show up in CAT.


Thanks Marcus.

Looking forward to flashing this thing and taking it around the block to see what it can do.



I received everything, cable, overlays, crystal and caps (and a 30b of course), now I just need one quite evening to try to put it all together :-)


Where's the list/writeup on applying these mods? I just received my overlay and am waiting on the calculator.


Crystal addition is discussed in this thread.


I copied some of the previous discussion to a page under wp34s on wiki4hp.com

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