WP34S nested error


hi to all,

I've tried on the WP34S emulator (22.1990) to find the minimum of a function using the built-in f'(x) command and solving it for zero:

my function f(x) that I want to study, result returned in X stack

f'(x) LBL A

but when I solve for B I receive the message :
Nested use of solve (SLV and SLVQ), integrate, sum or product is not allowed.

Could I do this in this way or I must write a routine that
calculate the derivate and then use solve on it?




Version 2 firmware does not permit solve, integrate, f', f", sum or product to nest or call any of them others. This stems from a limitation on the number of reserved internal registers.

There are two obvious solutions here.

Code f' or solve yourself and use the built in version of the other (hint: look in the library directory on subversion for outline code for these or grab versions from the library here on the Museum).

The alternative would be to upgrade to version 3 which removes this restriction entirely. In version 3 firmware, you can freely nest and mix these functions subject to having enough available RAM.

- Pauli


Thank you very much Pauli I'll wait 3.0 release.



You can get V3 from sourceforge SVN right now! :-)


We are preparing a release. Stay tuned! Walter is reworking the manual and Pauli and I are fixing bugs and inconsistencies. The cross platform emulator by Pascal is in the stage of being deployed soon, too.

Edited for correct grammar.

Edited: 6 Feb 2012, 1:25 p.m.

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