32-bit version of User Code Utiltiy for HP-41


To be honest I'm still not 100% sure how this forum works. It seems that one or two replys have been eaten up some how. That's why I restart a new topic.

The next 32-bit version of the user code compiler for the 41 is available. You may want to download here:


It fixes a bug in the code creation of local numeric labels 0-14)and adds a small docu.

As mentioned previously this version needs the .Net 4 runtime (which is available on Win 7 by default).


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To be honest I'm still not 100% sure how this forum works. It seems that one or two replys have been eaten up some how. That's why I restart a new topic.


It's not your fault. It's just the overwhelming quantity of postings on this forum that makes it difficult to pick the information one is interested in. All messages are treated with the same priority. Seemingly, posts with a broad audience being marked by a huge tail of replies tend to "eat up" postings with less reply. However, this does not mean that posts with little reply are not valuable. In the contrary, this may be excellent information for few people only. But somehow this is not appreciated by many responses.

With respect to your work, I appreciate your efforts to transfer old 16-bit DOS software to the 32-bit system very much, and at least for me your contributions are very valuable.

Thank you very much!



I just wanted to add my thanks to the list for your effort. Having the 32bit HP-41 Focal UC utility is very useful (nice user manual too!), appreciated.




Thanks Michael!



Thx to all for your replies. I see that as an encouragement to continue.

While the assembler and linker are ports from 16- to 32-bit, the focal compiler is a new implementation started from scratch. Of course I reused a lot of details and special handling from the 16-bit version.

The MCode disassembler is working and got a new feature: it creates a label for each jump (instead of giving an address) where no label is given. Will be released soon.

To keep this posting's topic, I have a very first prototype of the focal decompiler running. I guess you are interested as well...


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