You're kidding me ?



hp41cx on ebay

And there is still time left.



An average 41c and the CL board would be faster, better and cheaper then 450!



A really NOS HP-41CX can certainly cost more than $450.

However the unit offered on eBay is not even complete. There is no box, no manuals.

Actually there's only the calc and the zipper case.

The eBayer writes: "What you see is what you get" ,

so you might get that awful Sony Vaio keyboard, too;-)



However the unit offered on eBay is not even complete. There is no box, no manuals.

That's my thinking also. I have a super clean hp41cx with the manuals I am thinking of selling. I could call mine NOS and probably get away with it. I won't and I am not saying anything bad about this seller. All the best to them for anything they can get for it.

I am just amazed how much the prices have gone up on this stuff. I should have held onto the stuff I sold years ago. Oh well hind sight is 20/20 as they say.



If you TVM on it where you bought it new, you still would take a considerable loss...


I have two truly brand-new-in-box never used with all manuals HP-41CX's. The only thing removed from the packaging were the batteries. The little boxes the batteries came in are still there. If I ever decide to sell mine I'll be sure to let you guys know about it but I wouldn't hold my breath :).




The auction is being bid by a few newbies, which explains their determination to buy their first vintage HP calculator.



I noticed that too. Could be rigging the auction as well...


Could be too. Some folks here who trade on TAS have developed techniques that hep them read through the cryptic jibber-jabber auction info and make an educated assessment if there was price rigging. No one is 100% sure.


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