Update: HP 50g with HELP for *all* commands integrated into the O.S.



as promised I made an update for the help.

Included now are

- Help for 201 built-in CAS commands.

- Help for 563 built-in non CAS commands.

- Total help for 764 built-in commands including stack diagrams.

- Context sensitive help from the stack

- "Hyperlinked" navigation to related commands.

- Detailed access for every commands

- Supports all built in fonts.

- New: Detailed description of the related flags used by the command / function

- New: Detailed description of all flags.

- New: Detailed description of all keyboard shortcuts.

- New: Detailed description of all reserved variables.

- New: Detailed description of the Computer Algebra System.

Registered users can download the update from my website here


Further information is available here


Let me know if there is anything missing that you would like to see in it.




P.S. I am using a SD card labeled '133x speed' and with it the help shows up instantly.

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