WP34S Overlay


Hi Eric,

Do you have a procedure about how yo apply the overlay?

What not to do?

Order of apply?



Did you see me give the presentation showing how at HHC?

If not, you can see part of it on YouTube, starting around the 25 minute point, although the video got cut off so you can't see the whole thing.

Basically, I do it like this:

1. Place the overlay that goes around the keys. I start in the wide area between the second and third rows of keys, and then slowly go one row at a time, up and down, to make sure it is all even and without any bubbles. Try to center it as best as you can, because there isn't much tolerance in any direction.

2. Place each key label using tweezers/forceps. You don't want to touch the stickers with your fingers, or the oil from your fingers may degrade the adhesive. Bend the overlay backing sheet if it helps cause the stickers to release, making them easier to grab.

If you've already been using the calculator, I suggest cleaning the keys with isopropanol to remove any oil residue.



Thank you

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