aviation pac for 41-CX


Can anyone help me out? I made a user template for the HP aviation pac 15 years ago. (I have a scan of it should you need to see it to answer my question). It defines user keys on the HP 41. I recently purchased the ROMm manual on CD from the HP museum but it does not give any information on the user defined keys and this template (which presumably the original mainual which was lost in a move referenced). I am able to run the programs per the CD manual, but do not recall how to make use the used defined keys from the template. Perhaps there is a set to generate the user definitions from the ROM application that I do not recall. Please e-mail to jbreda@massmed.org with any assistance. Thanks.


I'm not sure what you're getting at here, John. I still have the Aviation Pac, which I bought in the mid-eighties when I learned to fly. There was no template with the pac, as far as I know - I certainly don't have one now.

The pac doesn't make much use of user-defined keys, since it mostly prompts for input. The exception would be the first program, "Flight Management", which does speed/distance/time/fuel/fuel flow calculations. For that one, the A-E keys represent (and are labelled, when the program starts) D S T FF F respectively.

For the other programs, I guess you could use ASN to assign the starting labels to other keys for faster starting. Is that what you did, with the template to remind you?


--- Les Bell, CISSP


I have the aviation pac and there IS a keyboard template for it. I'll try to find it and scan it. Can't remember anything more about it off the top of my head, but I'm sure there is a template. Stay tuned...


I'll be interested to see if there is, Dave. I bought my aviation pac new, sealed, back in 1986 or so and don't recall ever having a template, nor can I find one among the templates I stored in the black plastic module wallets.

Maybe I was dudded? What's the complaint address at hp.com? <grin>


--- Les Bell, CISSP


Well, I once had a teacher who said "only fools are positive." I was "positive" that I had seen a template for the aviation pac. I just looked through all my HP 41 stuff and couldn't find one, so I will have to plea the fool.

Sorry to have been so sure. There appears not to be a template for the aviation pac.

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