15c / 15c LE Hard Case?


Is there a hard case for the 15c / 15c LE?


A couple days ago i posted a similar question. And i asked if anyone has these.

If you want a "hard" case i.e. one that is rigid, you might do well with this.

Original idea from this post : http://hagy-box.cocolog-nifty.com/blog/2012/01/15c-gametech-ev.html


To let you know, I bought one of the faux leather expanding kind in your first example and am pretty pleased with it. It fits my 11C very well with just a little, perhaps 2mm, of the calculator showing over the limits of the open end of the case. It is pretty much the same as the original HP soft case in that respect. It seems to be rigid enough to give decent protection too without adding a lot of bulk. Indeed, the case still fits in my shirt pocket! I would certainly recommend this case for early Voyagers but I have heard that there is a slight dimensional difference between the original Voyagers and the 15C LE. I don't have an example of the later machine so can't comment on this model.


Received today the leather case you mentioned above; looks well made, nice tight fit for my 15C LE, and still fit neatly in one's shirt pocket.


Don't these cases have a seam on the top border (where the faux leather meets the inside fabric) that colides with the calculator's feet every time you pull it out? I have one of those (from the same seller, so I assume it is precisely the same article) which I don't use for fear of forcing (and losing) the rubber feet.


I have never lost original HP-installed feet (meaning original 12C and new 12C+) using these cases but am ALWAYS losing the feet I replaced on my 11C.

The funny thing is that the feet on the 12C+ are way more proud that the original 12C feet or the 11C feet.

My 11C problem is likely that the adhesive I used for my home-made replacement feet isn't up to snuff -- contact cement and bicycle inner-tube patches are what I used. Anybody got a better combo?


The slip cases which come with the machines (if you don't have one, see here, for example) don't seem to put any type of stress on the feet on insertion/withdrawal. Wouldn't that solve your problem?


Agreed. My original cases do not have this problem, and I use an orignal case with my 11C but I bought the hard cases for the purpose of using it with my more treasured 11C rather than my knockoff 12C+. :-)

Does anyone have any good advice on replacement feet and adhesive? How are the replacement feet I have variously seen on EBay?


I have used these feet with good success on a U.S. made 11C.

Note that it might be possible to identify the replacements (besides the fact that they are not worn) by the corners. The new feet have sharp right-angled corners, but the feet I took off the 11C (I presume they were original) had very small, but non-zero, radius rounding at the corners.

I bought a few sets from this seller. I also used them on my 15C LE when I fixed a marginally-functioning divide key. (I couldn't get the feet off without leaving some adhesive. Others have posted here with how to do it so you don't do that!) Note that the feet on the 15C LE (and I would have to guess on the 12C 30thAE and 12C+...) are a little thicker. The feet I bought were not tall enough to peek over the edges of the little plastic surround ("footwell") in which they sit. So when I set the calculator on a table, the plastic surround sat on the table, not the feet. Simple solution: stack two feet on each corner. (Not the most economical, but expedient at the time....) They have stayed on fine, even though they catch on stuff because the doubled feet are now thicker than the original.

So I'm guessing that if the 11C feet are, say, 1.0 mm thick, then the 15C LE feet are more like 1.5 mm.

I mailed one of the feet I took off the 15C LE to the seller so he could measure, compare, and perhaps find some thicker stock.

Anyway, to answer the original question: The feet I've purchased from this seller have worked fine and stayed stuck. YMMV. Just be sure to tell the seller if you are putting the feet on a "new" Voyager -- and see if he can send thicker feet.



I have never lost original HP-installed feet (meaning original 12C and new 12C+) using these cases but am ALWAYS losing the feet I replaced on my 11C.

I've seen voyagers lose feet due to breakdown of the
adhesive rendering it "gummy" and subsequently failing.
The other issue being the location of the screw wells
are typically in corners of a foot such that there
isn't much surface to anchor it in the areas
most subject to peeling.

Does anyone have any good advice on replacement feet and adhesive?

When I looked at this a while ago the best solution for
securing replacement feet was an Adhesive Transfer Tape
designed for low surface energy plastics. This is adhesive
alone without a carrier film and tends to fair better
on slightly irregular surfaces compared to film carrier
tapes at the same installed thickness. 3M makes an
absolutely dizzying number of products which seem suitable.
Those with their 300LSE adhesive are specifically designed
for low surface energy plastics, ABS in particular.

The only problem is finding someone to sell you a single
roll of the product vs. a carton of 48. Failing that you
can find evilbay sellers offering what appears to be similar
product in small inexpensive quantities albeit from mysterious

Concerning feet you could probably use any rubber sheet
around 30~60 durometer. Bicycle inner tube patches sound
like a great idea assuming they are about 1mm or so thick.
EDPM pond liner "samples" can be had for free although
those I've seen have an anti-slip a surface treatment which
needs to be sanded off for better performance on the adhesive
mating side. Shower stall liner is another possibility.

How are the replacement feet I have variously seen on EBay?

No idea but I do marvel at the profit margin.


I use carpet tape to attached my replacement feet and find it works very well to adhere rubber/vinyl to plastic. It's cheap and available at almost any hardware store in a variety of fabrics.


I agree carpet tape works very well, easy to find and cheap. Also I would like to suggest "Servo Tape" for a few reasons. First it is strong but once its removed, won't leave any residue, second it is somewhat compressible therefore provides stability when the rubber pad thickness is uneven and absorbs vibrations very well.


Thanks. I've never heard of servo tape, I'll have to give it a try.


I agree carpet tape works very well, easy to find and cheap. Also I would like to suggest "Servo Tape"..

I've looked at servo tape but wanted an adhesive relatively
thin (<10 mils) to avoid excessive height. The feet are less
likely to creep out of position if they are sitting within
their retaining well. 3M and others make an automotive grade
adhesive that would otherwise fit the bill but this is a relatively
thick tape with a foamed carrier.

I'd actually looked around for carpet tape initially. However
most of what I'd found was reinforced with a loose fabric
weave and had an adhesive of fairly gummy consistency. The carpet
tape I recall available years ago seemed far more suitable.


3M makes a "Scotch" brand 2" wide carpet tape that measures 6 mils, that's the one that works best for me. It's non-woven and feels like paper (but I think it some polymer). I'm pretty sure
this is it.

Edit: I'm sure that this is the stuff. And the latest roll I bought is even thinner than the previous one I got, it measures only 4 mils.

Edited: 4 Feb 2012, 12:06 p.m.

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