RedDot or no?


What do you think about this poor conditioned HP-35A?

Not even the two serials, from which one is amazing, but have a look at the red dot part... ist this glued?
I can not contact the seller for more detailed pictures.

RedDot on Ebay

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Don't the version three function keys tell a different story?


To me, it looks like a version 4 with some blop next to the switch.


Looks like a frankencalculator to me. Neither 1143A 00026 or 1143A 04426 (which might be a mistake since it's on the "property of" tag) seem like correct serial numbers for a version 4. I can't make out the serial number tag on the bottom of the machine in his picture.

If I had to take a guess I'd think this is a calculator that got repaired, possibly not by HP. Both of the legible serial numbers fall into the range that could be red dot models, although did the red dot calculators come from the factory with the sticker inside the battery compartment?


The typed ser# stickers have been seen on repair units before, so I'd say the serial numbers look "official".

However it rather seems someone built a calculator from scrap parts, who knows if there is any electronics in there. It's not impossible that this has been made in HPs own lab as a cheap office calc, the very technical "name" on the property tag might hint at that too.


There's a 99.99999999% probability that this is not a Red Dot. However, I may walk outside today and get hit by a meteorite, so who knows.


Perhaps added in response to queries from Matthias?

I dont see the hole for the red dot on the front was this made without I know the later ones didnt have it however why does this one carry the early hp number ...


I'm sad... would have been a nice add to my collection of RedDots (My goal is to get 35 units).

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This is the magnified image of the "Red Dot" spot. It's just the "ON" writing molded in the front cover typical for version 4.


Clearly it's not a red dot. Has anyone contacted this seller? I tried, but for some reason it won't let me send a message, only review the 'standard' answers provided on the contact page.


Not only is it fake, someone (perhaps not the ebay seller) has made some overtly obvious (and ignorant) screwups in her/his attempt to make it appear much older than it is.


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