HP67 Emulator for Android


Well, I finally got to publishing this application on the Android market. I decided to do it as a free application. It is a port of the Windows desktop versions which I developed a couple years ago on Limpidfox.com

I just published it, so it may not show up on searches of the market for a day or two. Olivier De Smet has published one. So, hopefully there will be two soon.

Let me know what you think.

The program files are compatible with the desktop versions - just copy them to/from the "HP Programs" directory on your phone's external storage (which is created when you install the application). For more information on the desktop versions, see the website I linked above.

I have tested these on the HTC Evo (hdpi 533x320) and HTC Rezound (xhdpi 720p 640x360). Requires a touchscreen.

Have fun!

P.S. If you should have other devices approximating the above screen specs, please let me know how it looks/works.

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It's on the Market, but it says it's incompatible with my Moto Defy (Android 2.2 - 854x480):

Requires Android:
2.3.7 and up


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Yes. Unfortunately, the ability to work with high density screens is in the 2.3 Android SDK. What I may do is post the 2.2 version on the website - which I need to update anyway.


Does not work on my ipad-sized tablet (1280x800, Honeycomb), only a small area up left reacts to tapping, display is also small and in the upper left corner, whole rest of screen is filled with unsharp image of the calc, unresponsive.

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Yes, I haven't entered the tablets yet. Soon though, very soon...


Yes, I haven't entered the tablets yet. Soon though, very soon...

But then it would be a good opportunity to have both - the 67 when in portrait mode and the 97, with printing capability of course, when in landscape mode. :-)



But of course!


Looks nice, but the touch-fields don't line up correctly with the calculator-image (image is about a key height too high, so you have to touch the spaces between the rows). On Galaxy Nexus.

Here's a screenshot:


Looks and works nice on my Galaxy Note @1280*800 but I have the same keys misalignement problem as reported by Ingo.
Anyway, thanks a lot!


Same issue on my Acer Liquid Mini (320x480). On my petite screen and even taking into account the offset, it is very difficult to select the correct keys. I don't have these problems at all with e.g. Thomas Okken's Free42, although the 42 emulation has one row of keys less. Even Droid48, which has more keys, is relatively easy to use. Could it be that the touch sensitive area for each individual key is too narrow?
Also, I would make the haptic feedback optional.
Otherwise, good looking app, thanks for this port to Android.


Got it. Thanks!


I can't seem to find it :(. What are you guys searching on?




If you are not running Android version 2.3 (Gingerbread) or newer, you may not see this App in the Market. I have an original Motorola Droid running Android 2.2 (Froyo) and I cannot find the App either. I am hoping Mike will be able post a 2.2 compatible version on his website.


I am running 2.3.5 but I see that it requires .7. Thanks!



I think it will work with 2.3.x


Hmmmmm..... Still can't find it.....


Hi Mike,

Ok, it seems that the problem is indeed a compatibility issue. I found the app on my laptop and then used the browser on the Android device to find the app and tried to install it that way. Problem was that it immediately told me that my device was not compatible. As far as I can tell the inky issue might be the 2.3.5 vs. the specified 2.3.7. I can't find any way to force the device to allow installation to see if it works. If you believe that it will work on any 2.3.x device could you lower the requirement to 2.3.0 or whatever the lowest level of 2.3 is? I can then try to download and test it.




I'll definitely check it out. The market filter may need tweaking.


Thanks Mike!


P.S. If you should have other devices approximating the above screen specs, please let me know how it looks/works.

Looks pretty good on Samsung Galaxy I9000 (800x480 Android 2.3..) but the keys are hard to hit as Jeroen also has reported.

Looks awful on Acer Iconia 500 (1280x800 Android 3.2.1), but it works!! :-)

When this tablet loads an app with low resolution, it offers the choice to "stretch" or to "zoom". Selecting "stretch" has the effect which Alexander describes. Selecting "zoom" makes it workable. The keys are only slightly misaligned: top row 1/3 down, bottom row 2/3 down. Horizontal alignment is almost perfect.

HTH Günter


Looks awful on Acer Iconia 500 (1280x800 Android 3.2.1), but it works!! :-)

I think it need a higher resolution image, then would be fine. And thanks for the tip on using Zoom instead of stretch. Still needs a little work on the key alignment, but is usable as is.

Image looks good on my Droid X phone. But the key allignment makes it unusable.


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With the great feedback on various devices, I'll be working out the key alignment shortly.


I've posted version 1.1. You can find it by searching the market for 'hp67'. I've added code which dynamically scale the button areas based on the screen density and size.

Not sure how the tablets will handle it - I think much better now - but I may need to produce some higher resolution graphics for those. In the meantime, checkout the tip from Bill regarding the 'zoom' option when running the app on tablets.


It's perfect now on my Galaxy Nexus. Even though it looks a bit pixelated in my screenshot above, it looks beautiful on the actual display. Thank you!

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