Emulators on iPod touch


I assume all calc emus written for the iPhone will work on the iPod touch too.

i) which app is recomended for the HP41, which one for the other HP calcs?

ii) are there emulators for this platform with CAS (HP or others)?

iii) are there serious reasons *not* to buy an iPod touch to 'play' with those emulators (or simulators if you prefere)?



iii) are there serious reasons *not* to buy an iPod touch to 'play' with those emulators (or simulators if you prefere)?

One serious reason comes to my mind instantly: The iPad! Depending of course what else you want/need to do with it. I have mine since four weeks or so and must say, that no other electronic device/gadget/toy has fascinated me that much ever. All calculators included...

I have tried a few HP emulators on the iPad (only free ones so far like an HP70 and several Hp48 models), but prefer the actual hardware calculators by far. The functions are there, but the look, feel and smell is missing. On the iPad, I rather use calculators specifically made for that device.



Thanks for your reply. The thing is, up to now I only had two devices that did fit my needs perfectly: as student the HP-41 and at work the HP200LX. Currently I use a netbook which is waaay too big compared with the Palmtop and - darn! - needs a new accu now. I was told that the iPad would be perfect, even w/o keybord. But I do not look for a replacement of the HP200LX, I don't work during traveling any more. While changing trains I'd like to download some podcasts, xchange mail (only if possible), and have some entertainment including emulators of pocket caöculators.



I use i41CX+ on my Ipod Touch - it works great, has access to all modules on TOS, and yes it has CAS.



What? What?? Did I miss something? CAS on the HP41??? Seems if there are no Allschwil meetings any more we have to join elsewhere now and then. How about this November almost the same distance to Basle, just the oposite side, across the border. :)



How about this November almost the same distance to Basel, just the oposite side, across the border. :)

Great idea!

Since there are many new hardware and software development projects related to HP calculating devices,

another Allschwil Meeting could be very interesting, and would make sense IMHO;-)


OK, please give me 2 or 3 weekends to check the feasibility in the photo studio of a friend or if Allschwil is the better choice. (Matthias! Do you have some spare time to organize it?)



I vote for Stuttgart this time...


Well, there are many alternatives. Alas in Stgt I do not know an inexpensive meeting room, but a snug (Nebenzimmer) of a restaurant could be ok.



Sorry I assumed you were located in Stuttgart - I really don´t care where, just let us know :)



I work in Stuttgart but I do not live in Stuttgart. Like many others of my colleagues I am a WE commuter (one of them even to Prague, every WE with his own car).

This sayed I would suggest a location where the majority has an advantage.



Cologne. Nearly same distance for most:-)


Frankfurt isn't bad either. :-)


Or even Allschwil?


Anywhere in Europe will be pretty dandy.


Yes, how about Strassbourg, Belfort, Lyon, or why not Paris. No, that would be too far west :)



I have 17bii pro and 10bii+ on iPad and they are compatible with iPod touch. Not freebies, about $5 each. They are very nice if finance is your thing. I use my calcs most of the time though.


Thank you for the hint. I do like the HP17B2 with its solver.



In my case, the mere availability of Free42 by Thomas Okken (and also Byron Foster's 42S derivative of Free42) were enough to justify buying my first iPod Touch in 2009; I later upgraded to a newer unit in 2010.

There are many HP emulators for free, so I currently have a 12C, 21, 35 (webpage, not resident) and two 48 emulators, even if I'm not a RPL type. But Free42 is what I use all the time.

I also have an Android phone, and Free42 also runs there, but (in my particular case) the screen quality and touch response are much better on the iPod.


Thank you for your reply, now my decission is clear: I try to get a 32GB´model in black this WE.



You will not regret your decision. If possible, obtain one which has been already updated to IOS 5 (otherwise, it's a free update, but you will need to take care of doing it, not a big problem anyway). When you open your iPod for the first time, you may find it frustrating to need an (free) iTunes account and download in order to start using it, but, after that, everything will be fine. Good luck!


hehe, yes, frustrating. w/o internet access there is no chance to make it work. So I took my bike and drove to Basle, great fun, good music, a free wiFi and a bière grenadine. :)
and too much devices authorized - hard cheese to get those emulators work. But I will get there.

Thanks again for all who helped.


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