HP 34C and 67 for Android


Hi Olivier,

Contrats for the very promising 41cx emulator for Android !
When do you think we could get the 34C and 67 on the market ? I've been waiting for this for years, can't wait...;)

Thanks and cheers,



33C will be a free app (perhaps tomorrow or monday)
34C will be a small fee app (same date)

I am finalizing only some test with save and load of state.

33C will have speed from x1 up to x8
34C from x1 up to x32

Both are patched to have correct PSE duration.

The textual instruction will be displayed under the keycode part to help programming.

The 67 will be later (need to finish the card and package concept on android)
(you can see it on windows, it will be rather the same concept on android)



Thanks a lot ! Much appreciated.


Will these apps run on the Kindle Fire, since it uses an OS related to the Anroid (unless I am very mistaken).



I do not know ... someone will have to test :)


Apps posted to the market, should appears in a few hours (names are go33c and go34c).



re: go33c

Programming 'STO 1' yields 'STO 0' under the LED display.


Thank you so much Olivier, I took both, and they are wonderful !

I had issues with Google market to purchase go34C, I have now 8 order confirmation emails, I'm affraid I will be charged 8 times... anyway.

One killer question - do you intend to port go33C and go34C to the Iphone someday ? would be wonderful ! :)

Also, do you intend to do a 65 after the 67 ? a 25c and a 29C ? do you intend to support overlays/printer/... for the 41CX ? :)

Thanks and cheers,



Hi Olivier,

the go34C looks good on the Galaxy S. On the Acer Iconia tablet the gold shifted labels are right justified, thus overlapping the blue shifted labels.

HTH Günter


Correction submitted to market, v1.0.1 for go33c and go34c should appear soon



Hi Olivier,

that was quick a fix, looks o.k. now.

Thanks a lot, Günter


Could you post a link to the HP-34c Android emulator?

On a tangental note, has anyone had success with one of the environments for running Android applications under MS-Windows? I quite like the idea of running the same suite of applications on both mobile and PC systems.


Edited: 24 Jan 2012, 7:22 a.m.


go67c is on the android market I also added go11c, go12c, go15c, go16c
for voyager series, but YOU NEED TO HAVE A ROM DUMP. go12c is free.



They are all great, thank you SP much ! Just one thing, why is the back help on the 15C so small ?
Do you intend to do a 65 ? A 25,29 ? Overlays and printer for the 41 ? And port them to the iPhone ? ;)

Thanks and cheers,



I will enlarge the help in the next revision for the 15C.
For 65, it's another platform and actually I have very little documentation about it, and no rom dump ! (same for the 29).
For 25, I have the rom so it could be done rather easily but the 33 is a better choice :)

For the 41, I want to improve it :)

For iphone port, I stopped coding on mac (even if i use a mac computer) when they decided that you have to pay 99$ per year to be a developer !



Thanks Olivier.
For the 65, I think you could get inspiration from what Jcques Laporte did:


He said that he adapted Eric's code for the 65 ROM, so maybe you could grab the ROM + some insight in his code ?

I understand that the 33 is a better choice than the 25 (same features + subroutines + linear regression), but emulation is not about power, but collection and completeness. Otherwise I would stick to Free42 and would have no interest in your emulators.... ;)




I have the go12c and the go15c. Both seem to work flawlessly as far as I can tell after only a few minutes of testing. I would love to see landscape mode in the future, though. :-)

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