HP49g and Sun Clock


Hi, everybody. I had seen sometime back that there was a sunclock program, which shows a world map and graphically displays which parts of the world are in daylight and which parts of the world are dark, for (I think)the 48 series calcs. Does anybody know what I'm referring to? I'm wondering if it warks with the 49g, or if it's in assembly, and where it can be found. As I recall, it involved a library as well (please excuse my lack of HP jargon; I'm a long time TI user and my 49g is still new to me).


Yes, I remember the sunclock program. I don't know for certain that it works on the 49G, but if I recall correctly, it was written in UserRPL, it which case it should work on the 49G with little or no modification, and any needed changes would be easy to make.

Try a search at http://www.hpcalc.org



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