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I just received my WP 34s overlay and was very excited to apply this overlay on my HP 30b. I carefully applied the labels and flashed the calculator. After some difficulty in re-flashing (more in another posting), I was finally successful. I noticed that the "OFF" label is located on the sloped portion of the EXIT key and is labeled in a green color. Using the green shift key didn't turn off the calculator. Looking at the WP 34s manual reveals that the blue shift key turns off the calculator, and indeed the overlay shown in the manual reflects that.
It seems as if there is an error in the overlays that I received. Is there a corrected overlay? Has this already been noted? If so, my apologies for repeating this in the forum.


The overlay is for the most recent software version: V3. We have yet to create a zip file for release. For the time being, you need to go to the SVN repository and download the manual and the calc.bin file from there. This works fine from the web.

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Thank you very much, Marcus. My apologies for the confusion. I'll retrieve the latest V3 version and reflash the micro.


I've updated SVN with the most recent build, including some files from the library which are now available combined with the flash files as calc_full.bin.

Beware: V3 is still a moving target!


It's moving again. We are just fixing the integrator.


Making friendlier more than fixing.

- Pauli

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