OT: Not your everyday TI-59



Do you recognize it?



TI 59 emulator running RPN?







19 minutes - not bad!




Not a TI-59 at all, though it shares some case parts.


Four times a TI-59:

16-bit vs 4-bit ;-))

I played with it yesterday before I took the pictures to sell it off. The first example in the provided book flashes the LED's.

I could do this even with a 1-bit micro-processor.

And who remembers Motorola's famous 1-bit CPU?????



a friend of mine has one - are they worth anything much? he's pretty down on his financial luck at the moment.

rob :-)



Your friend will know in 6 days and 17 hours.




I don't think they are in great demand. I bought one, with the appropriate books, for $20 at a local hamfest three years ago.

I'd always wanted a 990/189 since TI introduced it. It would have filled the empty spot of that KIM-1 that I wasn't able to afford in 1976. The 9900 series microprocessors had hardware multiply and divide instructions, which was rare back then.


Mine as awfully bouncing keyboard. I think I'll need to do something about it. Is there a way to fix these old TI bounceboards?



I have NOS TI-59 keyboards here...



Service replacements? My 57 is bouncy as well...


Same keyboard - just one row less. Have a saw?

Tell me a TI calculator from 1977 to 1983 NOT bouncy ;-))

Cheers, Joerg

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