Available now: HP 50g with HELP for *all* commands integrated into the O.S.



the 'Full Command and Function Reference' integrated into the O.S. is available now.


This is a complete help system containing detailed help entries for 764 user commands including stack diagrams.

The help system is very flexible and very fast and allows adding any additional help desired.




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Andreas, you are knocking on the wrong door.
First of all, here you will find very few people interested in RPL.
Second, you sell your thing, hence your post is an advertisement and should not be posted here.
I suggest you to obey the rules of this forum and delete it.

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Well, it is true that it is an advertisement for something for sale, but - though we are a minority even here - there are some who actually like and use RPL.


Well, it is true that it is an advertisement for something for sale, but - though we are a minority even here - there are some who actually like and use RPL.

That's what I said - only a few. BTW I use RPL a lot and I noticed it doesn't attract any interest here. A brief look at the archive would proof my point.

Hello Reth and Andreas!

Must disagree with you on both counts, Reth:

RPL is alive and well, just attend any HHC and you will see how popular it is! All programming contests include if not feature or are tailored to RPL. It is not my favorite system because I grew up on RPN and am lazy by nature. having said that I have written my share of, albeit, clumsy RPL programs.

Your second point about advertisement, while technically correct, is a little harsh. of course I say this with a bias in mind. Would you have me post the eventual completion of my book some where else, or Eric hide his 34s overlays at another site. Perhaps Diego should not tout the latest clonix/novram or the pil box latest version should not be discussed. There are many more examples I am sure!

As in Andreas's case et.al. a little leeway may be allowed. This was part of his independent project which he has improved upon since I have had the pleasure of knowing him. It is created by one of ours at the museum and his contributions to RPL and the 48/49 are well known. Also, this was his presentation at HCC2011 and he mentioned that he would let us know when the project was completed as well as updated.

What better place then the forum. Consider this, he also created this with NO help or aid from a commercial enterprise.

In conclusion, I am more then happy to have member projects discussed and noted here on the forum. I would be totally adverse to commercial enterprises posting adds here such as HP, TI, SHARP and etc..

Again, this is my opinion and may not be shared by the others.

Happy new year and all the best,


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I'm with you, Geoff.




Well said!


Your caveat turns my point upside down, so I disagree with you completely. It's an advertising full stop. As a rule RPL stuff gets overlooked here. And I use only RPL for programing since the appearance of the HP-28S which replaced my stolen HP-41CV back then. So I know what I'm talking about.

Happy New Year to you and to all the rest, Andreas including.



Reth, where are you in Australia?

I get to Sydney about once every two months. Maybe we can meet for a pint? Manly would be good place to meet.

Cheers, Geoff


Geoff, if you're ever in Brisbane please let me know.

Sydney is about 1,000km away (it is the closest capital city from here) which is a little too far to drive for a day trip. I did once do an overnight driving trip to Sydney but never again.

- Pauli



Thanks, unfortunately, I only get a day at a time to enjoy your beautiful country so 1000km drive would severely cut the beer quaffing out of the picture.

Cheers, Geoff


I am in Sydney. I'll be glad to meet you. Just let me know earlier so I can arrange it. Email me: rmollov@telstra.com



Hi Geoff,

thanks for the flowers, it has been a pleasure meeting you again in San Diego. Too bad that there was only too little time...

A lot of people did ask for a fully integrated version of a help for the 50g as I showed at HHC 2011, so my only intention was to let people know that it is available *now* and at a very reasonable price, which is actually even cheaper than printing out the AUR at Staples or with HP ink.

I did not intend to offend anybody.




No matter how hard we try, someone always risks being offended. I have learned something new about the 50G and I am not in the least offended by your post - I suspect that applies to many others too and hopefully the majority. I may just avail myself of this package in the near term!


Jeff Kearns


Hi Jeff,

thanks for letting my know.

Regarding the help let me say again, that anything is possible.

So any good ideas what should/could be in there is welcome.

The possibilities are endless...





I dunno, Reth, RPL seems to be part of the MoHPC subject to me:

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There's even a front-page major topic on RPL here.



C'mon, the RPN/RPL world has gotten so small, let's be gentle with the endangered species of "active contributor".

Commercial or free, the few active heads are doing this mainly as a labor of love. I'm sure you don't mean to discourage, but negative feedback easily does just that.

I don't mind reading small relevant product announcements here. In fact, I'm glad to read about projects in this field and learn how some care to keep this world alive.




Perhaps a brief "announcement", which just lets us know that some product or program (or new version) is available, and just gives a email address (or web page address) for interested people to contact; and doesn't include any commercial hype or details, nor pricing; and coming from a member of the community (and not from a commercial entreprise or venture) should not be considered "advertising" or otherwise banned, IMHO.

It's good to learn when WP34S overlays, HP41 add-ons (such as Clonix, PILbox, MDL, etc), HP41 backplane replacements, 41CL Boards, DIY"x" (when available) and such offerings become available. Same for emulators, free or not.

OTOH, repeated (or long) messages about such availability may enter "advertising" waters, and should not appear in the forum.

Please disregard any idiomatic mistake.


Advertising something here that directly relates to part of this forum's raison d'etre definitely does not constitute spam.


First of all, here you will find very few people interested in RPL.

Speak for yoyrself, we are not all RPN geriatrix ;-)





Some of are geriatric in our 40s even haha...




I DO speak for myself - I am long time RPL user and broke up with the RPN long time ago, buddy ;) And I'm only 55 YO.



It would be nice if HP would licence an on-line help system like this to distribute with the calculator. It would certainly be much more convenient that wading through the manuals to find what arguments a given command requires.




> much more convenient that wading through the manuals

> to find what arguments a given command requires

The help I coded contains the stack diagrams for *all* commands.

> It would be nice if HP would licence an on-line help system

> like this to distribute with the calculator.

They have my telephone number.

*But* HP has done *nothing* for the 50g in the past three years.

So, unfortunately, this allows only one conclusion: HP has very, very little interest in the HP 50g.

As I have said before, updating the HP 50g with a higher resolution screen and adding some more flash memory inside of it wouldn’t be to hard to do including compatibility to the vast amount of software that exists already. (Remember: Customers do not buy hardware, they do not buy software either. Customers buy solutions.)

But apparently HP does not want to be successful with the HP 50g as they did everything they could to be *not* successful with it in the past, which is really a pity as everything one would need is already there respectively has already been written.

HP *could* update the 50g easily, I would estimate that updating the machine could be done in three to six months, but again, HP has shown very, very little interest in this marvelous machine, which is really a pity IMHO.

Anyhow, most likely I will now add the flags description to the HELP for *all* commands integrated into the O.S. and then anybody who wants it can have a *full* substitution for the manual *inside* the calculator which means that using it will get a lot easier.

And, as I said, it is possible to add anything you want, even long explanation texts including graphics. So if someone provides me with some good ideas of what else should be in an integrated help I could add it.
As the help entries are fetched from the SD card the possibilities are endless...





*But* HP has done *nothing* for the 50g in the past three years.

Which leaves the field clear for talented people like yourself to exploit the nice, relatively open platform HP has provided.

This is the great strength of this community: so many brilliant people are motivated to work on these wonderful machines that even a 32 year old machine like the 41C is evergreen. If HP isn't pushing the state of the art forward as well as we might like, what does it really matter?



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