HP 42S


I see there are 2 must have at any cost beginners that are driving the price of the 42S's up again.




That's funny!

That kind of "I'll just keep adding one dollar to my bid until I top his" mentality is hilarious!

I wonder when (if ever?) it occurs to these people that their bidding pattern is completely transparent, and that we can all tell (usually with surprising accuracy) where their newest "high-bidder" bid lies? Oh well, just another person who doesn't get the idea of proxy bidding...



What is HP's replacement for the 42S? (with every single function of a 42S and a size <= to the size of a 42S.)

If there isn't one, why doesn't HP design one or just crank up production of the old design again so we can buy these without the Ebay crazyness. If HP did a new similiar design, the only feature I'd like to see changed is screen size increased to about double vertically.

Has anyone contacted HP about this?


Well, sure there's nothing as good as the 42S...

However how much 42S would HP sell should they start up the production line again... 50 ? 200 ? 1000 ? seems that this community only want to purchase one, and a unit figure with less than 6 digits is not interesting for HP....



I think many would buy at least two units,
if the price is suitable;-)


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