I extracted the module CLUTILS.MOD: `-YFNZ 2B`.ROM and -CLUTLS 2E.ROM. I need to put in my 41cl both files?
I will use to create a EMU41. Lif


Your machine contains YFNZ -2B already, along with CLUTILS -2C, so you only need to update CLUTILS. I'm not sure what the updates are... I still use -2C without any problems.


but the functions of CLUTILS 2E (Angel Martin) has no more resources?


CLUTILS-2E is a self-contained module, doesn't need other resourcers (but complements the YFNZ function set). It works perfectly well with the official revision YFNS-2B.

I included a copy of YFNS-2B' in the CLUTLS MOD file only to do testing on V41 of those functions that call Y-functions, like the launchers. Most of CLUTILS will obviously do nothing on V41 for obvious reasons.

Revision 2E corrects a few issues present in the 2C version included in the CL Library, plus it adds more functions for the HEPAX configuration, as well as the Page-plug functions PLUGG and PLUGGX.

I think it's a good idea to use it from RAM first, which BTW is also the only way the SECURE and PASSWORD functionality works - since it writes to RAM.


please send CLUTILS.MOD version F

Edited: 30 Dec 2011, 5:45 a.m.


Me 2


Polishing a couple of enhancements - should be ready... next year! :-)



oh, yes, I see.

Happy New Year everyone.

Sorry Marcus, Anne and I missed you Christmas eve Angel. We managed to find the only restaurant open in Mainz on Christmas eve. Even had some wine and beer.

Next time,


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