HP 200LX Solver program in HP Calc


Hello... a little about me. I bought several HP calcs back in the 80's and then the 18c came out for $175. Bought that, then as soon as the 19B came out I bought that and a few months later bought the 19BII to get RPN. Fell in love with HP Solve. Then the HP95LX in 1991 and the HP 100LX in 1993 and then the HP 200LX came out in November of 1994 and I bought one of the first ones to hit Corvallis, Oregon... $660. Yikes! I still have a few... they are great. Now, last month Nov 2011, I bought a Kindle Fire. It has Android on it. I am looking for a 200LX EMULATOR or at least a 200 LX Calc/Solver emulator that will run on the Kindle Fire. I MISS MY SOLVER! Yes, there is a 200 LX sitting right here by my hand, but I want to have the functions on the Kindle Fire. Has anyone made an emulator yet that a dummy like me could figure out how to put it on the Kindle Fire?

I wish I would have caught that other thread a couple weeks ago. I MUST have the original disks and stuff for the 200 LX lying around here... since I have a few of them. Even got a 95LX and one of those 700LX, no phone to go with it though. It is like new. I need to get rid of some of this stuff.

Can anyone point me at an emulator? Please???


Ken Chevy, Salem, Oregon


Look at this THREAD

I wonder if installing DOSBOX and this emulator would work.

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Thanks, yes, that is how I ended up here. From reading that thread before leaving my post. I have to go reread it and see if I am smart enough to understand what to do.



Device Support Page

You may also wish to visit this page...


Wow, they still support the 200LX? I'll have to check that out. Thanks!




I have an Android Acer A500 Tablet and use AnDOSBox to run the HP-200LX Cpack Program. This version of DosBox had better support for the touchscreen keyboard. I also use a replacement for the standard android keyboad. The program I use is "Tablet Keyboard" which has better support for the special PC keys that are really needed to run old PC programs.

Note: My Acer is running Android version 3.2 - I'm pretty sure the Fire is running an older version, so not sure how AnDOSBox and the replacement keyboard would run on the older Android version.

It is kinda fun running old dos programs on the Tablet. I've even run a CP/M emulator that worked great.



Hi Bill,
The Kindle Fire is running a customized Android 2.3 Gingerbread OS.

I will see if I can figure it out, may have to call for help, for a list of steps to do. I have chronic pain issues and the narcotics I take for it, four pills every six hours, only usually give me two hours or so where I can think halfway decently and then the pain is back and I lay in bed with my eyes watering. After a couple of years, life has turned into a real drag, but I do the best I can with what I have.

So I really like computers and stuff like that. I really like the Fire. I just regret my health has this bad part in it until I can get it figured out with the doctor.

Do I REALLY need the HP Calc/Solver on the Fire? Probably not, since I have six or eight 200LX's lying around so one is always handy no matter where I am in the house, but it would be NICE to have it on the Fire!

So, if I can't figure out how to get the DosBox on the Fire in a couple of days, I will be back whining for help on how to do it by the steps.

Also, the Fire does NOT have an SDcard slot, all it has is a USB connection.

Depending on how well I am doing with the pain, you may not see me reply to a post for a day or so... it all depends if I can think or not. Sometimes it is lying in bed for even a week or more at a time, everything on hold as far as getting anything done.

I DO understand the saying "Life can SUCK at times"... now.

Thanks for the help so far!




Maybe you need a 720 to complete your collection. I am sure I have a few laying around here.




Hi Forrest,

I never did get into the Jornadas. What was the top one they had? A 728 with 64 megs of ram? No, instead of buying I need to be selling this stuff if I can ever concentrate long enough to carry through with getting it done. I even built a little shed in my back yard so I would have a place for stuff. The two car garage on the house is to PARK cars in. NOT for storing stuff in. LOL



The two car garage on the house is to PARK cars in. NOT for storing stuff in. LOL

Nah - I've got a three-car garage, with barely room for two cars. (My wife's! Mine lives outside. The other is my '86 Subaru XT which gets driven about 300 miles/year.) Anybody want 35 years of Astrophysical Journal or Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific?!?

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