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How do I load a module using the ILPer + 41CL?
Or is there another easier way?


Easisest way is to plug the HEPAX and use READROM-WRTROM.
Other modules have equivalent functions, choose your favorite.

All this isn´t required if the module is already in the internal CL Libary of course.

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Good but how can I use ILPer as the only file that it accepts .dat?
How do I convert a .mod for .dat or as I add one .mod for .dat?

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Here is a possible way:

Use Emu41 to load the module into the Emu41 environment, then save it to the LIF image file. Then you can access it from your 41CL using ILPer/PILBox.

Note that Emu41 doesn't recognize .mod format, you have to use the .rom alternative. Most ROM from TOS are available in.rom format.


How do I convert .Mod to .Rom?
Thanks but is there another solution?

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To convert .mod files into .rom you can use "MODfile.exe", a small (DOS based) utility that you will find along with the V41 emulator on TOS.

Google for "V41 emulator" and you'll get the url... :-)



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I have been working on and off for years on a Perl solution that will take a .mod file, extract the roms, convert to .bin and place them into a LIF image. I have most of the pieces written except for the mod -> rom piece. Integrating them all will take a bit of effort too. I can't guarantee when I'll have that done, (I'm a lot slower than I once was at this sort of thing,) but I'm not that far off from a solution.

In the meantime, the .mod -> MODFILE.EXE -> .rom -> EMU41 -> LIF via WRTROM -> 41CL via READROM is the best path I've found.


I saw your photo w- the three superb specimens , including the MLDL - so I think your best option here is to use the MLDL and its controlling SW (ML2k). It has all you need to move ROM images from the HEPAX into the MLDL as ROM files and back. That´s exactly how I do it.


- so I think your best option here is to use the MLDL and its controlling SW (ML2k).

I use the ML2k software alone (thank you Meindert Kuipers) to extract ROMs from MODs. To put the SW on work you have to install the USB serial converter driver from FTDI which are freely obtainable. It is a superb tool to manipulate MOD files (on WINDOWS use the "right-arrow" context for further commands) and can be used also for FAT listing and disassembling code.

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