Reply from HP on 15C LE Availability


Dear Frank,

Thank you for contacting the HP Home & Home Office Sales Center.

I understand that you are inquiring as to when the HP 15c Scientific Calculator will be back in stock. Before anything else, I would like to thank you for choosing HP as your brand of choice and buying your desired products here in our online store. HP offers the best and innovative products to assure customer satisfaction.

I am sorry for the inconvenience that this has caused you. This is a popular product, Frank, due to its demand we are current out of supply.

Regrettably, we do not have information as to when this particular product will be available. I am sorry that I cannot provide you with an exact date, however I do recommend that you visit our website regularly to check for availability since shipments of our products are received daily.

As an alternative, I would like to recommend that you take a look at the HP 48gII Graphing Calculator. With its 128K total memory, more than 80K of user memory, built-in constant library, and structured programming for creating applications, the HP 48gII gives you reliable, high-level assistance for demanding engineering and surveying applications.
You can refer to the URL below:

I hope this information has been of assistance to you, Frank. Please reply to this message if there is anything else we can do. For online chat assistance, please visit: For your convenience, you may also call the HP Home & Home Office Sales Center directly at 1-888-222-0029 between 7:00 AM - 2:00 AM EST, seven days a week.

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What a joke...


Canned joke...


He recommends the 48gII and not the 35S?


Hello Frank,

it sounds like an automatically produced answer. You never know how many persons have to respond how many questions.

That the system recommends a hp 48 doesn't match to the hp 15c, but from the system point of view a good approximation.



I see a bigger problem with that canned response from HP.

1. The 48GII specs listed in the email reply are wrong. There are two versions of the 48GII. I think it was either 2006 or 2007 HP introduced an updated version that added a USB port and the Equation Library from the 48G. It also now takes 4 AAA batteries. Memory was updated also to 256k vs the old that has 128k. The old one had 80k free. The new one has much more.

2. HP's websites for the 48GII either have broken links or have wrong information on the 48GII as well.

store link with wrong info

broken Data sheet link and broken learning modules link

I know these have been pointed out before.

On a related note, HP still has an incorrect data sheet for the 15C LE floating around. You can find it with google easily:

15C LE with 12 character display

Edited: 27 Dec 2011, 8:26 a.m.

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