Thank you WP34s team


To Pauli, Walter, Marcus, Gene, Eric, and everyone else who has contributed to the WP34S repurposing project -- Thank you very much for everything that you have done, whether it be coding, design, cable, overlay, or suggestions to make it better. It's already great.

Merry Christmas and all the best for 2012, Jim


It's good to hear you like it. And we haven't stopped yet. :-)


Only the overlay is missing :-(


How is it missing?



Version 3.0 :-(


I'm still waiting for them to finalize the layout. Right now there is no official 3.0 layout. Hopefully this will be soon.



The finalized and officially released v3.0 layout is available at SourceForge, build 2109. Enjoy!


And I forgot to mention the manual! Great work -- it's almost tempting to imagine it in bound form like the old HP manuals.


Thanks for your very kind words! Great you like it - it's the sum of many contributions and ideas of the team in the last three years.


Amen! It's become my main at-work calculator. Thank you team for a tremendous tool!


I love the project so much I got two 30b's (Samson Cables recently had them marked down) and have them flashed with the most recent v. 2.2. I spent a few dollars to get a bunch of temporary overlays colour laser printed, and this will serve me well until v. 3 gives us a release candidate and an established overlay for Eric to work with.

Indeed, I have become so enamoured with the calculator that my much-coveted 15C LE has gotten little attention since I got it. Anything I would want to do with a 15C the 34S does better and faster. It really is a labour of love by and for those who want a great RPN programmable in the best HP tradition.



...everyone else who has contributed to the WP34S repurposing project...

Most notably Neil who is quite busy at the moment implementing new requirements from Pauli and me. It might not be widely known, but Neil's tools are a vital part of the building process. We are working on moving more native code to user code in order to pack more functionality in the available flash space, a task which would be impossible without Neil's assembler and preprocessor.


Dear Marcus, Pauli, Walter, Neil, Gene, Eric, and everyone who supported with codes, debugging, overlays and various other improvements from the keyboard layout to the capabilities. Great team work in Global scale.

Happy New Year!

WP-34s has been one of the significant highlights of this year in HP Calculator history and future. Thank you for your dedication and everything you have done for this project, it is truly appreciated by so many across the world.

Wishing you all, a wonderful New Year with Health, Happiness, Joy, Peace, Success and Good Fortune.

Best Regards,


I can only speak for myself. The main motivation for me in joining the WP 34S team was sheer fun. And still it is. :-)


Oh, I do very little. I simply go to the post office about once a week!

Good job all the REAL WP 34S team! ;-)


Most notably Neil who is quite busy at the moment implementing new requirements from Pauli and me.

And had taskmasters we can be :-)

- Pauli

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