Thimet index for 15C LE


Has anyone run the Thimet speed index on the new HP 15C LE? I'm curious as to how it compares to the "100 times faster" metric. The Thimet index should be a little more representative, since it includes some floating point math and transcendental functions. The original 15C clocked in with an index of 2.7, the new 35s with a 9.5, and the 50g with a 260.


60 iterations in 10.06 seconds (performance index = 202.8). That's about 75 times faster than the HP-15C in his table (2.7). That's a double-speed unit, however:

150 appears to be the right factor.


Good info. Thanks! I was curious how it stacked up with the others. Also didn't know about the "double speed" unit. That's interesting too.

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