has 15c-le again


I just ordered a 15c LE from They just got a bunch in.


Interesting. They've again raised the price by $5 and now it's $99.99, same as MSRP at HP H&HO. Also, they now show a limit of 1, presumably to kill the profiteering. I like these guys.

So far, they've not relisted on TAS, where the prices have come down a bunch lately. I just saw a new listing with a 1 cent start price and a $135 BIN price. Quite a few have sold for under $200, and I'm glad to see the price gougers being ignored.

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They just listed them on TAS again, one has sold already, and they show only 12 left in stock, so this should be over shortly.


Someone bought the 12 remaining ones on TAS. Out of stock again. This is crazy.




Dear all,
What in the name of God means "TAS"?


Dear all,
What in the name of God means "TAS"?

It means, "that auction site."


Thank you very much John...Oh my God, that one has me scretching my head over and over...

cheers !!



Can we please stop using TAS instead of Ebay and stop confusing people. Nothing bad will happen if we say Ebay.

Ebay Ebay Ebay Ebay....I'm still breathing...Ebay Ebay.


Nothing bad will happen if we say Ebay.

You are right! I've just said "eBay" aloud and the sun is still shining bright outside :-)


Darn! I said it a half dozen times and it is still cloudy outside just like it has been all week--I thought that the sun would come out!







Makes me ill. I will never buy from them again.

Just my $0.02.



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You seem to be ignoring the fact that they are offering the additional benefit of being able to buy an extended, three-year warranty for only $34.99!


Ha! So I can buy one unit for $301.13 with warranty and shipping or I could buy... Let's see... Three units from somewhere else for less money. I was one of the first to buy my three from at the original selling price. Was that $79.99 or $84.99--can't remember exactly.

I do realize that you are being facetious :-).




"...has undergone additional quality control by HP."

That's assuming HP did much in the way of quality control in the first place. Expecting quality from Chinese electronics manufacturers these days is a bit of a crap game - with the emphasis on crap.


Well, the HP15C LE is listed at their old SC price of $149.99 and they are in stock on the main SC Website. So why bother with the auction site?

#44 is selling them again. $99.99 and Free Shipping. Limit of 1. 9:30am CST.


Yeah, the party's pretty much over for Samson and the other price gougers. Samson hasn't made a single sale in 1 1/2 days since they've listed at $249.99 + $14.35 shipping. Interestingly, if you look at the store listing, they also link to the Samson listing at $256.66. Hmmm, should I pay $99.99 or $256.66 ? Difficult decision there.


Oops. is sold out again, but at least HP Home still has them for $99.99.


Can you say "artificial scarcity?"


Can you say "artificial scarcity?"

Articel in Scare-City?

How would the 15C LE be perceived w/o all those ado? No hoarders, and probably a virtually unlimited supply for those actually using it. Even more since there are still problems.

While at it ... Michael was right, keys do bounce. Noticed a mysterious double entry when debugging a program and actually saw it live on pressing 'RCL 2', where I had the register entry on key down, and '2' on key up on the display. Hard to enforce, seem to happen only if you don't expect it ;-(.

HP, [re]invent [the wheel]. And repair your products.


I meant that letting the supply of a "limited edition" calculator dwindle close to zero, then opening the spigot sporadically so your resellers periodically run out of stock could be seen as a way to maximize profits.

I see two possible problems with that. First, the profits mainly accrue to the resellers. Second, it's a bit of a conspiracy theory. I'm not sure the marketeers at HP are capable of that level of thinking. On the other hand, nobody has said what "limited" actually means.


nobody has said what "limited" actually means.

Considering the problems and the bugs it has, it's fairly easy to tell what "Limited" means!


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