Serial port communciations on the CL?


Just a question,

I use CLONIX for updating the CL so I have not been playing with the serial port.

Has anyone got a step by step procedure for Windows and Mac users that they can send me.

I will PDF it and edit along with trying it out. The idea is to get this to the WIKI:

HP 41CL Wiki (Bruce Bergman)

Ultimately the WIKI would be a great place to go to source everyones contributions in one stop. Maybe create a single PDF manual with different sections:

-THE CL BY MONTE! (all current manuals)
-INSTALLATION tips and information including screw post fixes and etc.
-CLONIX transfers to CL
-MDLD2 via serial
-CLUTILS (the ultimate utilities rom)

Cheers, Geoff

we could also create a ROM manual database as the CL has them all (almost?).

Edited: 19 Dec 2011, 4:27 p.m.


Geoff you'll no doubt remember that Raymond Wiker wrote the CS source code for CLWRITER - and also shared the procedure with the CL beta users. Do you still have that? I can re-send if not.

Fact is it works like a charm - so there's two grand ways to transfer ROMS to/from the CL, CLONIX and Serial Transfer.

I use them indistinctly, CLONIX are easier when multiple blocks are to be tranferred at once, and also once burned it removes the PC dependency. On the other hand Serial is unbeatable for quick-drop ROM updates - remember that I make many changes to the code... a godsend.


There is also the third way that I use: HP-IL/PIL-BOX/PC w/EMU41 in Dosbox under Linux

Also works like a charm :)

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