Message to Katie Wasserman: thanks!


Through the valuable article by Katie I was able to resurrect an HP-27. Thanks to a small resistor 32 kOhm, this little beauty can fully be together with other woodstock in the collection of an avid collector.
Many thanks again and regards from Italy.



Please share with us Katie's work.


Of course, hpnut.
I was trying to repair the hp-27 of my dear friend. No display but good tensions from the DC-DC inverter and a current drain of 110 mA.
How you can read in the article of Katie about the issues of Woodstock's series calculator, I have cut the SYNC trace from the ACT to the rest of the calculator and insert one resistor (32KOhm, 1/4W, 5%) that has resurrected the little beauty, so far. My first attempt has been with a 20 KOhm resistor but with value of resistor the 27 needed 3 or 4 minuts to warm up properly.
It's all, I'll be available for any further information.

Regards from Italy.


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