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Hello all:

Thank you for the tips regarding the repair of my card reader! I was partially successful. I bought a second reader that has gummy-itis. I put the head-motor assembly that I recently rebuilt from my first reader onto the second card reader. I now have a card reader that reads and writes without errors!

So, this means that the "electronics" on my original reader are obviously bad. I read in the archives about the tantlum capacitors that go bad. Maybe I'm just a chicken, but I cannot seem to figure out how to separate the "L" shaped circuit board so I can get to the tantlums to replace them. Any ideas?

Anyone have a set of "electronics" that they would want to sell or trade for mine?

Thanks again for all the help,

Jeff Glass



I have two different readers, and in both of them, the "L" assy is just connected with each other: pulling them appart (in both of mine) will separate them. As you have knowledge, verify if they have not been soldered with each other; if so, try unsoldering them.

In both of mine, contacts between both PCB's are golden plated, well-aligned, firmly "locked" with metal clipers. As everything HP used to build at that time, a piece of art.

Hope it helps.


Hi Jeff,
did you remove the cover above the card readers connector, or is exactly that your problem. If so, the cover has two littel noses to the connector body. You have to lift this cover a bit with a little screwdriver or the like coming from the open mouth of the connector(be very careful). THen you can slide the cover from the base. Now you have the complete PCBs accessible to get them out of the case.
Hope that helps.
Regards, Andreas

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