Really pocketable 15C clone


HERE! :-)



Neat, novelty !!!


Where do we place our orders?



That's amazing. A sophisticated RPN scientific in credit card size...a first in calculator history.

I want one (or two) (or three)!


want hell. i need one
does PSE function?


I suspect this is the web site: No sign of orders or preorders yet.

- Pauli


I think the currently popular exclamation is "WANT!"


Aw, he killed the project:


There's a couple of model numbers listed. Maybe he only killed one of them?


The outstanding and exceptional aspect of the unit shown is, IMHO, its size. The fact that it's an HP 15C clone, at a time when HP has produced its own full-sized (and thus less desirable) HP 15C clone, is irrelevant.

The unit shown would be a tremendous competitor in high demand, based on small size and large capability that has never been matched in the whole electronic calculator era.


Looks like the credit card sized clone emerged from the ashes. That's a very clever way to keep what must have been a very large investment in time and effort alive. It's a brilliant novelty. I wonder if he's aware how many of those he could sell to members of this site alone?



The post you see is an old one. He decided to switch to the credit card size when HP launched the 15C-LE back in the fall.



Exactly. Last year I pre-ordered a DM-15C and then he stopped the project due to the announcement of the 15CLE. I didn't cancel my pre-order hoping that he will succeed with a similar product. And this video looks promising :-)


Me too... :)


I've got enough 15Cs. What I need is more 16Cs.


It's an emulator, so reprogramming might be possible. Business card size, 3.5" x 2", you could put ten keytops across, but there would be little space between them. A keytop 1/8" on a side might work much better.


I've got enough 15Cs. What I need is more 16Cs.

Are 16C's really that hard to find? If so, I suspect that I need to sell mine since I purchased it in 1998 and haven't used it for more than an hour since. The previous owner obviously didn't use it very much. The spine on the manual doesn't show any evidence of use.

Just ordered one and was told "you are on the list for Jan of 2012".

Had to order it, next version will fit on the wrist (just hoping).



It's looking very nice and nerdy, but I think the keys are just too packed. Did you watch him operating the calculator? Doesn't look very relaxed. So here pocketability was driven over the limit IMHO. A 30b or 15C in their original size fit my shirt pocket quite well. And I don't need anything smaller, not even on my wrist.

Just my 20m€ as usual.


I agree about the size, but still, it's like having a book on the head of a pin, don't need it but it looks good!

Although, the U-watch works for me, don't wear it as the strap attachments combined with my ability to use epoxy causes lug failure.

I think part of the problem is the nervousness factor on pressing the keys. My attempts at youtube took a few takes as my brain and my fingers did not work in unison (sp?) and the intitial attempts looked "nervous".

In anycase, if the it does work with my fingers, well then, slick! More of a novelty but I will take it to work with about 280 lines of programming covering the basics:

Great Circle
Intermediate Longitude
Temperature Altitude corrections
Wind chill (only in the winter!)
Fuel SG check

Cheers, GEoff

Edited: 19 Dec 2011, 2:15 p.m.


Judging from statements at the DM-15CC website:

1. "based on the original microcode of the HP-15C" and "runs on a battery saving LPC1114 ARM processor emulating the NUT processor"

Is there no danger that HP will assert ownership of the firmware?

2. "uses one CR2032 battery"

That's a much better approach than paralleling two cells as the HP models do. That's just bad engineering by HP!

3. "runs up to 60 times faster than the original calculator"

This would be about half the speed of the new HP 15C-LE. That's good, especially if it means that that energy consumption from the single CR2032 is half or less than that of the 15C-LE.

The thing that's somewhat disappointing about this exciting product is its use of emulation of the old firmware rather than using all new native LPC1114 firmware coding.

A comparison of benchmark run times on the emulated HP 15C-LE versus the non-emulated HP 30b shows that identical tasks take about eight times longer on the HP 15C-LE compared to the HP 30b, even though both use the same SAM7L SoC and clock frequency. That shows that a task performed on the 15C-LE will use eight times the energy of the same task on the 30b.

Such gross inefficiency means that emulation is a really really bad idea for programmable calculators operating from a very small battery. In terms of reasonable battery life, emulation works for the HP 12C+ because user programming on the 12C+ is typically negligible. It remains to be seen if it will be practical in the 15C-LE, which is much more likely to be employed for user programming.

Regardless, the DM-15CC is irresistible! Here's a very interesting and more detailed demo video of the DM-15CC prototype. Fantastic work.

Edited: 19 Dec 2011, 3:09 p.m.


As with the HP-15C LE itself, I don't want to spoil the party. The 15CC is a cute little toy, and I appreciate the great work to create it. All who want a programming model being 30 years old feel free to buy either one (or both). Enjoy decoding key codes.

But all who want readable programs beware. The 15C programming paradigm is simply outdated. Most Pioneers show a better UI already, and even the WP 34S v1.x was more advanced than the 15CC. V2.2 runs circles around it. So if you want a tool to do serious work ...

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