What's special about it?


Rare Calculator?


One of the rarest TIs.


Pretty basic function set. Is it a very early model? Prior to the SR series?


Should tell everything ;)




...and an accident!

I (the guy with the feedback of 6179) was trying to win this auction for a collector friend in Germany.

He (the guy with 134 feedback) did not expect my bid and overlooked my earlier bids...

He placed a sniper bid with a "I want it badly" value and I placed one with "I want it for a friend" - well s**t happens.

The interesting part of the equation is number three in the game with a feedback of 2476! He placed immediately after that accident an auction with a Concept III and a Buy-It-Now of $127.50 out on eBay (120830113245), accepting a best offer of $100.

Maybe I see my share ;-))




I know we are treading on OT/verbotten territory here with this discussion, but as I (perhaps mis-) read between the lines, something smells a little fishy here...

The games people play - for the sake of a few bucks.


Nothing between the lines - just business as usual.

Wants and Needs create Demands and define at the end the Price tag.


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