9100Bs obtained


I spent several hours today with Larry Atherton going over the two 9100Bs he's spent the last couple of months restoring for me.

Both are, of course, functionally and cosmetically perfect. The later unit-- the one that uses a standard power cord rather than the unique power cord the earlier model uses-- has a better CRT, as the display for the earlier unit is slightly dim in the center of the screen. With their rebuilt keyboards, card readers, and electronics, everything else about these machines is as perfect as it's possible to make it.

Sadly, the lowest wire in the flex cable for the 9100's printer failed as Larry was demonstrating how to use it. We verified this fault with a continuity test. Of course the only possible fix is a printhead salvaged from another printer, so if anybody has a dead 9100 printer laying around, let me know. The fault is in the black plastic block that the tungsten printhead wires protrude from, and there's visible, very light corrosion on the wires entering the block. We decided that it's probably better to leave things as they are, since opening the block might well result in a showing of disintegrated flex cable wiring and a totally nonfunctional printer rather than one that simply can't print the last line of pixels.

I shall post pictures soon...



Where did you say you live??? It was nice seeing you at HHC2011, but maybe I'd like to come and visit with you and play with these machines and write a few programs one each one. I think it would be totally worth the trip.




I live in Reno, and you're welcome to drop by any time.

I'm trying to get some quotes on conference rooms and room rates from the local casinos for a possible venue for HHC 2012. I think a casino would be great given the limited time we have: the big Grand Sierra Resort is 1/2 mile from the Reno airport and at meal breaks attendees would have their choice of everything from burgers at Johhny Rockets to hint buffets to the really expensive stuff...


I plan to be in AZ in early February. I might get a flight from Phoenix to Reno and visit for a few days (like 2 or 3 days).

Let me know if that works for you!




I just returned from Goodyear - just a few miles of Phoenix.
We should coordinate our trips ;-))




I got there after Thanksgiving and returned December 9th.

Maybe next time.

I was able to have lunch with Richard Nelson.



You should! I live out on the far edge of town, about 10 miles from the airport, so you'd need to rent a car since all the hotels are up in that part of town...


I will keep that in mind. How cold does it get in February?



It can get quite cold here in February. Earlier this week the low was 16 degrees; Feb will be similar.


Ouch! Do you get snow?


Yes, we get snow. We're right by Lake Tahoe, one of the biggest ski areas in the nation. However, down on the valley floor, it's relatively rare for snow (on the roads, at least) to last too long. The very low humidity and brilliant sun can get rid of it very quickly. Many times I've woken up to a winter wonderland at 7AM and found no trace of snow left by 2PM.

Besides, you want to come play with this stuff. I'll have ready for you:


You know you want to...maybe if you take me to lunch I'll let you touch the SR-60.

-- David


Have you tried to contact Emil through the Google Group OldCalculatorForum?


Who's Emil?


Check this thread


Thanks, I did!


As promised, photos. First, the two machines together:

The newer unit is on the left, the older on the right. The older unit uses a unique power cord and has a slightly dimmer area in the middle of its CRT. The newer unit has a standard power cord and a perfect CRT. It's interesting to see the subtle changes HP made between the early and late units: thicker power cables internally, improvements to the circuitry for the ROM and core memory...

The newer unit, if not the bestest nicest 9100B in existence, would certainly be in the running:

Some might argue the rather glossy finish of the epoxy paint isn't how the machine looked from the factory. True enough. Perhaps I'll hit it with some matte spray.

The tags from each machine: Purdue from the new machine and Barrett-Cravens from the old one.

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Careful - in that sort of condition Perdue might want it back...

Very nicely done.

Mike T.


Now I know who will give me my Christmas present this year. :-)

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