Problems activating HP15C LE emulator



I have been trying to activate the installed HP15c emulator program which came with my LE calculator, but with no success.

Typing in the serial number of the CD-Rom directly into the
HP Calculator Licence Activation popup dialogue just keeps returning a new blank dialogue box each time after it has said "connecting to activation server"

I tried the cut-and-paste method by choosing the offline option and pasting in the

into the web page which then gave instructions to
"Paste text from the Activation Dialog starting with <LICENSE> and ending with <\LICENSE>"

So I pasted the
in the HP Calculator Licence Activation popup dialogue and it still returned a new blank dialogue box.

Having tried this several times I now get the message "Exceeded maximum activations."

Any ideas on how to proceed? HP really needs to reconsider this on-line activation method. Surely entering the licence key from the CD-Rom as part of the initial software installation should be sufficient.


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I never really understood WHY hp even requires you to activate it. Are they afraid that they will sell fewer of the actual hardware calculator? Didn't they already sell all that they chose to produce?

Are they afraid you might share your copy with other people - thus exposing it to more people who might buy the actual harware (assumming that HP decided to produce more of them).

I know - they are afraid that their competion will get it and then .. what? I would think the competion would have just bought a real calculator which came with the emulator.

I would think having the emulator out there would increase sales of the actual hardware. But then I'm not a marketing person.

It reminds me of Canon and Nikon manuals for their digital cameras. Canon will let you download a PDF, but it has a watermark that says COPY in large letters slanted across the page. Even the PDF that ships on the CDROM that comes with the camera has the watermark. Of course they protect the document, so it's very difficult to remove the watermark. Nikon will let you download a PDF but it has the NOPRINT turned on. When you purchase the camera, they will let you download a printable PDF only upon registeration.

Okay, now that that's off my chest, I feel better...



I never have that problem with cameras since I shoot Olympus (OM-1N, OM-4T, E-1, E-5, and ST-6020) and all of their manuals are freely available in PDF format with no watermark, no printing restrictions, and no registration required. Shooting Olympus, plus being an engineer, using RPN, and once having owned a rotary engine Mazda (RX-2), makes me one of society's outcasts. :-)


Hi Fred,

since I shoot Olympus

Good to see another Olympus fan. I've been an Olympus Film fan for years - OM-1N and OM-2. But my favorite is the Pen F. I have a complete set of lenes and accessories for the Pen F. It was great - 72 photos per roll of film. And the size was fantastic. If and when work comes back, I'd love to have the digital version of the Pen. A freiend of mine uses the digital Pen will all his old film lenses and the results are great.

For some reason, when I went digital, I went all Canon.



If you went digital back around 2003/2004/2005 Canon was the way to go. Now there are lots more options. I am actually very happy with my Canon cameras (been shooting Canon from way back when the F1 was new) but I have often wished I had the money to go out and splurge on a different system just for fun. Problem is that once you have a few lenses (including a quite pricey 70-200 F2.8 IS) switching brands is not so easy.




The reason I don't shoot Canon is when you push the button they go "BOOM." :-)


Me too I had a OM-2n for many years and now have an E30 DSLR, I still have the OM series bellows and a few OM lenses. My second car was a RX-3 station wagon.

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We are all a bunch of non-conformists here, so: Anybody else who is a Pentax DSLR user? I like it that I can use my Pentax lenses from 1975 on my new (2011) K5D!!

Marwan is right, too - once you have a few pricey lenses from one of the camera brands, you are more or less stuck on that one.

By the way, us Pentax / Olympus / Sony users have image stabilization built-in to the camera body, which works with ANY lens. Saves a few bucks on lenses - don't need that fancy IS / VR!!


I am a Pentax fan, and I own a K20d and now the K5. I always think that I am quite special. Asuume that 1 out of 100 use HP RPN calculators; and assume that 1 out of 100 use Pentax cameras, then I am 1 out of 10000...


I'm also a Pentax user. My first SLR was a K1000 SE I rescued from the trash bin at a thrift store I volunteered at in high school (they had a 'pitch all film cameras' policy since most of what they got was 80s fixed-focus point & shoot crap) and that was the camera that got me involved in photo again. I accumulated more gear (some more that the thrift was tossing, some from a used camera shop) and took the stuff with me when I went to college. I later bought a dSLR and went for the K200d for the same reason as you. This all worked out to my favor when I decided to minor in photography, I've ran many a roll of Ilford HP5 through that old Pentax K1000.


Non-conformist? I have a Nikon DSLR and I can use any F-mount lens from 1959 onwards. Not that I want to - the coatings that appear in the 1970's make all the AI-S lenses better.


Olympus OM-40p. ADM was a killer feature in 1985.

I missed the Wankel engine, and I'm just a scientist. But I drove the Saab 900! ;-).

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