HP15C-LE available at Buy.com


Just got a message from Buy.com that the HP15C-LE is again in stock. I placed an order, so it's probably true.

Click here to go to the page where it's available. $90 and free shipping. Probably won't last long.


Looks like it is a popular item.

The reluctance to reissue the 15c reminds me of the underestimated demand for the HP-35.


It will be interesting to see how long they last. The are now up to a Rank for today of '3', up 30767% from yesterday's rank of 926, so orders appear strong.
I got a kick out of the limit that buy.com is placing on orders. You may only order 25 of these at a time!


Well, given that it seems to be a no brainer to buy a stack of them, since they initially seemed to have tripled in value on TAS. If HP continues to pump them out, I don't know how long that will last.

If it did, that's a quick several thousand dollar profit though.


Hahaha. Samsons still selling them at $149.99 plus shipping. let the market forces determine the "right" price for consumers.


hpnut in Malaysia (I got mine from Samsons at $99 early on)

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Now the price is $94.99. Get them while they are hot.

People are paying $300+ for these on TAS. Nice profit margin if you're so inclined.


Or, resell one for $110.00, and point everyone to buy.com.

"Nice Price!! (But you can get it cheaper at retail.)"


I seriously considered buying 4 or 5 when they first came out and selling them on TAS for what I paid for them + TAS fees and shipping to try to force down the prices of the scalpers, but then decided that they would probably just get bought by the scalpers.


Even the auctions are getting bid up. It's not just the BIN prices that are high.



So far they've sold over 60 today and early on someone bought 25. It will be interesting to see how many they have for sale this time. Last time when they sold them on TAS they only had 50, but they've already exceeded that number. They're still being sold for only $89.99 with free shipping.

Edit: They show 259 still available with 64 sold so far.

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I see they've also dropped the purchase limit from 25 to 2...
The eBay listing has been removed "because the item is no longer available."

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Yeah, it's deja vu all over again.


They've relisted it for the same $94.99 price as their online store. No mention of quantity limits. I'm going to bed now. It will be interesting to see if it's still there in the morning.

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I ordered my first unit the first time they were on buy.com, and ordered a second on Monday at $89.99. It is scheduled for delivery tomorrow (12/15/11). They are still available just now at the higher ($94.99) price and lower limit per order (2).

I wonder if all you have to do is place 10 separate orders to buy 20 units?


Somehow I think they won't accept repeat orders from the same buyer. Just like they won't honor repeated use of coupons meant only for first time buyers. It's a moot point, since I've got all the ones I want, and am not interested in selling them.


The maximum order quantity on buy.com has changed again, now it is 10. The sales rank was 9 yesterday, and now it is 5, so these are still selling popularly.


I received my unit today. Limited Edition Number 09368, Serial Number CNA1320HT8 (when was it made?) ROM date is 2011-04-15. I tested the keyboard several times and found no issues (my first unit a few months ago had two keys with problems).

There is an "Errata Sheet to Self Tests (p261)" included with the documentation now. It corrects the text concerning the correct way to execute the self tests.

My replacement unit from HP for the first defective one is Limited Edition Number 13520 and CNA14400SG.


The serial number suggests that it was part of the original production in mid-August. My guess is that they inspected all of them, and discarded the bad ones. They also took the opportunity to add the errata sheet.


The way Dec 2011 units were sealed using a clear sticker on the top of the box, suggests they went through some quality control stage as Michael Suggests.

I also observe the black plastic tray is un-evenly replaced in a few units, suggesting they were quickly taking the black trays out (e.g. to include the errata sheet below). The clearance between the manual, the edges of the black tray holding the 15C, and the edges of the box is quite small.


There is an "Errata Sheet to Self Tests (p261)" included with the documentation now. It corrects the text concerning the correct way to execute the self tests.

Does it warn against performing the original self tests?

I presume there is not an "Errata Sheet to PSE Instruction (p68, 270)" which states that it does not work more than once in a program?

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The Errata Sheet to Self Tests is only the replacement text for the Self Test section of the handbook. There is no warning concerning the original self tests, and nothing on the PSE instruction.


Got my unit last night, LE # 06457. Does look like its part of the original run.

The packing included the Errata sheet. Tested all the keys, all felt good.

Haven't had chance to really use it yet - annoying thing called work is taking up my time.


Does look like its part of the original run.

Is the serial number of the form CNA132xxxx (first production run) or CNA144xxxx (postulated second production run after the keyboard issues were sorted out.)


Its a CNA132xxxx serial number.


Ordered mine from buy.com on 12/14/11 and received today (2 days). Keys feel good. CNA1320J6D. Limited Edition #06037. Doesn't bother me if the "Limited" is unlimited. Just glad it's available again for all those who want one. Worth the wait, and didn't have to get gigged on eB** or other places trying to resell at 100% mark-up.


If the LEs listed here are all US models, it *seems* this market alone covers about 10,000 calculators (given continuous LE-numbers for each contry specific 'model'). If this is true, how limited is this limited edition, actually?


I just received two of these from buy.com today, that makes 5 total, 4 from buy.com 1 from HP plus my original one I purchased new in 1982 still works great but I keep in a little shrine above my desk! The new ones are serial numbers 05953 and 06449. Look the same as the ones from the original run (sub 01000 serial numbers). Ran the self test and keyboard test and did some of my own basic math test, all good.

From the time I put them in my buy.com cart to when I checked out the price went from $89.99 to $94.99, they know a sucker when they see one.


Just checked and they are sold out in the online store and have ended the eB** listing. So, I guess it's wait until HP's store has them again or pay higher prices to gougers. Anyway, I hope none of you procrastinated, and got your orders in on time.


I didn't bother. 5 years from now these 1st LE calculators will be $10 on craigs list

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