41CL Usage Notes: Clock Mode and Turbo Interaction


I noticed that the turbo mode is cleared if you enter clock mode with shift-ON, but not by executing CLOCK. The owner's manual states that shift-ON actually turns the calculator off briefly, but CLOCK does not. Displaying the CLOCK obviously doesn't need turbo mode, but if you don't remember this behavior you might wonder why things are running slowly after exiting the clock display mode.


Yes, that´s because turning the clock on involves a CALC_OFF event and it´s likely that the TURBO mode resets to default.

This is very easy to go around just by patching YFNS in the CALC_ON event to re-set TURBO50, as per Monte´s instructions in the CL manual.

Edited: 11 Dec 2011, 5:28 a.m.

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