anyone recognize these pics from old HP manuals?


Don Shepherd introduced this thread back in November. The pictures of attractive young women in high heels working with computers reminded me of the advertisements which appeared for the Osbornes. Those portable machines weighed about as much as a typical concrete block. The advertisements showed the women walking comfortably in high heels while carrying the Osborne in one hand. I always suspected that the pictures were posed with a carrying case with the computer innards removed.


I don't think anyone actually identified which two HP manuals these pictures came from. Hint: they weren't calculator brochures.


I don't know which specific manuals, but I've definitely seen the photos in documentation regarding the 21xx family minicomputers (2114/2115/2116, or 2100, or somewhat less likely, the 21MX M/E/F series). I'm guessing that they're from some of the paperback handbooks.


You're exactly right. Does anyone know which specific manuals?

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