On-line collection updated


I've just had a big update of my on-line collection. General stream here (recent additions come up first): PHOTOSTREAM

HP collection: HP Collection

Non HP collection: NON-HP

Sharp's: SHARP

Lloyd's Accumatics: LLOYD's

HP 12C set: HP-12C

HP rare stuff: HP RARITIES

Enjoy! Cheers, Keith


Hi Keith

What a incredible nice collection.




A fantastic collection. I wish I had half of them!


Also for me, 2-3 very nice units are in your collection. Keep them save or let me know ;)


Thank you Johnny, Jose and Matthias. I have two HP rarities on their way to me (thanks Juergen and Bruce!) as well as one unusual HP - so the collection is always expanding and will be continuously updated.

I am also trying to find the right glass display cabinets so that I can display them at the office. At the moment they are mostly hidden in a cabinet (apart from a few items in my glass bookshelf behind my desk and my favorite HP's that stay on my desk and get daily use).

Cheers, Keith

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If you find a nice display case avaiable generally (through Internet or retail purchase and not just a one-off from some store closing), please post here. I'm looking for one as well.

What I'd REALLY like to find is a low-profile wall-mount one (like a picture frame, maybe a tad deeper) that's suitable for, say, a dozen Voyagers and a couple Woodstocks.

Yeah, I know, I should just go buy some Plexiglas and glue and get busy sawing and gluing. But I want it to look good... I've seen pictures of what some of you have built -- and I KNOW my fabrication skills are nowhere near what's needed to do the same!



What I'd REALLY like to find is a low-profile wall-mount one (like a picture frame, maybe a tad deeper) that's suitable for, say, a dozen Voyagers and a couple Woodstocks.

Most framing shops should be able to fabricate something like that for you.


Do a google/yahoo search on "acrylic (wall) display cases"

I found this . Prices are around $200 for 5 to 7 shelves.


Hi Dale,

Yes I will let everyone know when I find something. I've thought about IKEA display cabinets - but i'm really after something solid with some wood. I remember a similar thread a year or so ago - Katie Wasserman showed her collection in some excellent cabinets (and I can't find the thread). I was after something similar to that.

I do like the acrylic display cabinets in Dave's post - that might be an easier and cheaper solution for now.

Cheers, Keith


Here's a really old thread on this topic.

I should probably post some more up-to-date pictures of my collection but the cases are still the same: 2 small ones and two large ones, two sets of drawers containing manuals and accessories. I use some IKEA shelving for the large desktop machines I have (HP-9810, HP-9815, HP-46, HP-81 and a bunch of non-HP machines.)

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Thanks Katie, That's the thread I was looking for. Cheers, Keith


I have just uploaded some quick photos of a Yokogawa-HP 21 to the collection:
YHP21 and YHP21-2


You'll find some more YHP calcs on the Dentaku Museum web site; go to the HP section and scroll down a bit.

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