Mint HP41CX's on ebay


There is a whole load of mint(ish) boxed HP41CX's being sold on (search for hp* calc*) with a 'but it now' for 50 pounds (approx $75). The photo for all of them is the same, the manuals look sealed.

If you look at 'completed items' one person is buying most of them.

Is this a big find by someone and they are being sold off at a low price???



Looks like a good opportunity to "enhance your collection" in you are in the UK. He only ships to the UK.


[Link to auction bidding history deleted at the request of the seller]


Interesting indeed! That Leoglyph has been busy. Take a look here too...

The fact that he "won" the HP-41CX will make it interesting to see what feedback, if any, gets applied. As far as I can tell these two auctions were from different sellers.

Too bad e-pay won't do anything about shill bidding. They always say there isn't enough evidence.


It can be hard to tell from the photos, but that HP-15C does not look very mint to me. Also check out the manual and case in the photos.


Out of curiosity I emailed the seller in this auction:
The price seemed too high to be real. The seller told me that Leoglyph paid with Bidpay right away, so he seems to be for real. I wonder if he'd like to buy some of my collection... hmmmmmm
Never mind. I'll keep them.


I think the repeated bidding only indicates inexperience or a misunderstanding/distrust of the Ebay "proxy bidding" system. I predict in a short time "Leoglyph" will join the ranks of the snipers!


Well, it looks like the curator can now update the price range chart for the looks like we've hit a new high!


'Now look here how "fake" biddings have appeared on this item...'

Baseless accusations of fraud like this can easily be interpretted as slander... I am reporting this to the forum manager for action as they see fit.

It's hardly any sellers fault if someone doesn't understand the proxy bidding system, or wants something so desperately they are prepared to pay over the odds for it.

Engage brain before typing next time...



I can't count how many auctions I've lost by a buck to a fellow collector from ....<grin>. He ought to have enough, now, for several dozen museums.

I should get some kind of kick-backs for being the second highest bidder so often...<grin>.

Slander, itself, is a strong word. I hope that this forum can be "free" enough to allow voicing of concerns such as keeping alert to the POSSIBILITY of misconduct. I think it protects everyone, including sellers. The bidder in this auction even admitted he was new at this.... and it turned out to be legit bidding.

Please, folks. Let's never let this forum stoop to the level of others. I don't want to see any more "fighting" words.

Peace, Love, and HP.


I bought one of the mint 41CXs in the UK for £50, it does look unused with shrink wrapped manuals, just a slightly damaged box. Date code 2819S20688.
Its my first HP-41 and I'm having fun trying it.
I did wonder (for about 10 seconds) if I should keep it all shrink wrapped and re-sell it , but I am a user not a dealer.


You might do good to put it away for the grandkids and go buy a nice used one on Ebay, etc.

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