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I am new to this forum. I made a handfull of survey field programs for the 42s. In some of the programs I am using menus with more than 6 choices. How do you set the arrows that show the user that more menu-choices are available from within a program ?



IIRC, button numbers "7" and "8" are the up and down arrows, respectivly, (numbers 1-6 are the menu keys and 9 is the [EXIT] button) and are handled just like the programmable menu buttons, except that you don't specify the labels. If either of those are selected, you simply branch to a new set of menu declarations. Off hand, I don't remember if the "up & down" arrow segment of the LCD is set as a result of this, but there may be a flag which will turn it on. I don't have my manual handy, but I'll take a look at it later and post that info if nobody beats me to it.


The "multirow menu" annunciator should appear automatically when you have more than 6 progammable menu choices.

I can find no flag to set or test the state of this annunciator.


<nod> Yeah, that's what I found, too. It's been a while since I did any serious programming on my 42, and I'd forgotten whether or not I had to set it manually. In any event, the up arrow is menu key 7 and the down is 8.



I agree with you both, Randy and John, but there are two specific situations: a menu with variables created internatlly by, say, SOLVER (in this case, [UP] and {DOWN] arrows are automatically active), and a menu created buy KEYG or KEYX, that demands the key number; in this case, activating [UP] and [DOWN] arrow will need KEY 7 GO somewhere or KEY 8 XEQ something. There will be only six options at a time. There is a very good example of this feature at the HP42S User's Manual, Part 10 - Programming Techniques, The programmabel Menu (my manual is in Portuguese, and this subject is found at page 145; I believe in the original English manual it will be closed to it).

Hope this helps.


> I agree with you both, Randy and John, but there are two specific situations[..]

True, but I assumed -- perhaps incorrectly -- that he was not talking about the automatic menus (or local variable mode, for that matter). I guess the real question is, assuming the program is using the programmable menu (e.g. KEYG/KEYX sequences), does the annunciator come on automatically if the KEY 7 and/or KEY 8 instructions are executed? I honestly can't remember, and I haven't had a chance to check. As Randy Sloyer indicated, there doesn't seem to be a way to set it manually, though there seem to be flags for almost all of the other annunciator segments -- go figure. :^/



For testing purposes, I typed a small program in and it did no set up/down arrows on, meaning no up/down option indication for user KEYG/KEYX in the display. You know, I never thought about this. In fact, KEYG/KEYX will only redefine the first row keys, one at a time. If we try to "roll-down" or "roll-up", "7" or "8" will appear, meaning down-arrow or up-arrow will be redefined.

That's completely normal to expect that, in this particular situation, the annunciator would turn on, as it happens with other menus, CUSTON and LOCAL LABEL included.

Now I get your point. But it seems to me this is an internal set; maybe J.F.Garnier, Hrast and others will find some shortcut for this annunciator.

Thanks teasing my mind.


Thank you for responding to me.
I have 82160A HP-IL printer.
But I have neither a bar cord leader for HP-41C nor a bar cord leader for HP-71B.
Where can I find a change program? Or, where can I find a bar cord printing program?
I am the best if there is a HP-71B BASIC program to collect a text file in the binary file and to change.
If such a program is here, I can do most work on HP-71B.
I tried another method.
I am not found though I looked for the emulator which had a change function.
If a binary file can be formed, it lets 41CV read it via 9114B.


Thanks for your reply

It seems you've got the same experiences as I do. When you use one of the set menu's (Solver for example) the multirow menu announciater is set, but when You program one your yourself they are not. I have been looking for a flag to set but can't find any in the manual ?
Maybe it is impossible ?



Well, assuming they don't come on automatically, then it doesn't look like there is, no. At least, not according to the documentation I have. It might be interesting to play around with flags 31-33 though, just in case they "hid" it in plain sight. I believe they are in the unprotected range, so it should be possible to set and clear them directly.

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