What advantage does Wp34s have ove the HP50g?


What are benefits of wp34s have over the HP50g in doing CAS calculations?


None. The 34S has no CAS.

- Pauli


CAS is not the future.


Sure it is.


I don't think the WP 34S has CAS calculations.


It fits in your shirt pocket.


My HP 15c is already there.


Seems both the HP-15C and the WP 34S are fermions, and the shirtpocket is a rectangular potential well. Both calculators can't live in ground state of said well simultaneously - one will occupy an metastable excited level tending to leave the well quite soon. Ground state energy of the HP-50G even exceeds the well walls, so it tends to leave said well quasi-instantaneously ;-)


uh...yeah, what he said!



Credit where due: That's Pauli's Exclusion Principle, more or less.


Exactly - no wonder with the name of our co-founder ;-)

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