I think it is my HP71B (TAS)



I well I do not know what to do. I lost my HP 71B and I think it is selling now at ebay, here. I contacted the seller to see if we can verify if it is really my calculator.

I am not sure where I lost it: maybe at the train, going home or I forgot it visible on my office. Either way, it is my bad. Also an error I made (because I have never lost one of my calculators): I did not keep track of the serial number.

There are several other details that can positively identify it but I will keep that from the seller. If was counting looking for it at the lost objects of the train station and after that report it to the police.

Hard way to learn not to take it from home. :-(

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Luckily the only time I lost one of my calculators was at my college. I left it in a lab, and while TI graphing calculators typically disappear rather fast when this happens (When I was a sophomore I inadvertently left a TI-89 Titanium unattended in a lecture hall for 5 minutes, and by the time I noticed it missing someone had already taken it), someone actually had the decency (or lack of interest in pilfering) to return my beat up 32S to the lost and found desk. I checked, not expecting to find it, asking "Hey, did anyone bring in an old and beat up looking calculator? It's a Hewlett-Packard 32S in a brown faux leather case." The lost and found guy digs around a bit, and sure enough the calculator was there.



I think I am lucky: the item has been retracted after a discussion with the seller proving that it was indeed my calculator, hopefully I will receive it this week by mail.




This is an interesting post. I just checked the link and the item is still up for auction.

The seller appears to reside in Montreal... Is that where you lost the 71B?

His description and answers to questions indicate his unfamiliarity with the calculator.

Good luck in getting it back and bravo for finding it again in this fashion.

Jeff Kearnss

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keep us posted, so too speak!

Never lost one, but did find one back in 96 in a garbage can right beside the flight planning computer. HP25C, picked it up, cleaned the contacts and modified the battery holder to accept rechargeable nicads. It worked. Still have it.

Cheers, Geoff


Well, this finishes this strange story. After a polite but firm discussion with the seller proving him that it was indeed my calculator, he agreed to send my HP 71B back and I received it today! Fortunately, he even did not ask anything in return. So all is well that ends well.

Through the time I had included the Math module, the 64k of RAM and it already had the Hp-il interface and the card reader. So it was a lot I was losing there.



So happy for you. Very good ending to this journey.


I'm curious - since you didn't have the serial number, how did you prove to him that it was indeed yours? Did you describe a program that was stored on it... or ....

It is the holiday season and looks like you got your wish.



I described enough the machine, but kept for me some other characteristics in case I had to escalate, as the version of the rom, the existence of the math rom on port number 3 with its version, the fact that the card reader is installed and he was not even aware of that. So, too much customisation that was put together for it not to be my calculator.

What I told him: when and where I thought I lost it, the kind and brand of batteries installed (Energizer rechargeable batteries) and some marks he did not mention in the description that I know are there and of course the little threat to escalate, I think.

I did not want to mention any program because, they could have been erased (I had recently entered MAKELEX and RPNLEX), as that was the case.


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Perhaps you should also have pressed him on how he got it in the first place, unless you misplaced it or left it behind somewhere.


I think now that I put in a lateral pocket of my backpack and probalby forgot to close the zipper. The calculator felt, since I see that it has a new mark in on side :-(

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yep, my 71B has the MATH ROM and three 32K RAM modules plus overlay, so your correct, and lot to be replaced.


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